Standoff At Starbucks Ends In Arrest

No one wants their cheeseburger and fries (or coffee or ice cream) experience tainted by violent, or even non-violent, incidents of concern. But unfortunately, crimes and police standoffs happen in all kinds of places, including fast food establishments. Take, for example, one man in Florida who took refuge in barricading himself in a McDonald's freezer after shooting at police and eventually had to be tear gassed out (via WFTV 9), or another instance at a separate McDonald's in Florida where the SWAT team was called to handle a standoff with a man who had climbed onto the roof (via NBC Miami).

Although the average fast food or coffee shop patron isn't prepared to deal with any such circumstances as they aim to grab a quick bite or sip, gunfire and SWAT team presence isn't always necessary in standoffs. And, in one recent incident in Burbank, California, things between police and a suspect worked themselves out a bit more smoothly — although they did move from one location to another (via My Burbank).

No one was hurt in the Starbucks standoff

On February 18, police reported to a Ralph's grocery store in Burbank after getting word that a man, believed to be Paul Brennan Gibbs of Chandler, Arizona, was allegedly armed with a knife and threatening both employees and customers, even saying he was going to kill one staff member. When the officers arrived, they ordered Gibbs to stop as he walked away from Ralph's, but he refused and entered a Starbucks where he locked himself in the bathroom. 

Gibbs remained in the Starbucks restroom for an hour and a half before surrendering to the Burbank police. According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, Gibbs is facing "one felony count of criminal threats and one misdemeanor count of resisting, delaying, or obstructing an officer," charges to which he has pleaded not guilty. He is due in court on March 8 when his case will be evaluated to see if there's strong enough evidence to move forward. 

No one was hurt during the standoff, as all Starbucks employees and customers were moved to a "safe location" (via My News LA).