Why Channing Tatum Couldn't Stand The Prep Diet For Magic Mike 3

This story contains mention of disordered eating patterns.

While the first "Magic Mike" movie might have left audiences wondering what has to be done for twenties, Channing Tatum is working hard for the money in the franchise's third entry, "Magic Mike's Last Dance." In a recent appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," the actor opened up about the struggles of maintaining his workout and diet discipline (via Business Insider). Although clean eating and working out might be a big part of Tatum's job, he appreciates that not everyone can have the sole focus to stay in ultimate shape. "I don't know how people who work a 9 to 5 actually stay in shape because it's my full-time job, and I can barely do it," he said

William J. Harris, a  personal trainer who worked with Tatum on another project, told Men's Health Australia that "food is all about quality." For that project, "processed and frozen foods, salt, sugar, and alcohol were all no-nos." According to Business Insider, a strict food regime was part of him getting into the Magic Mike character once again and he almost passed on reprising the role. Tatum admitted about his honed physique, "That's not even healthy. You have to starve yourself. I don't think when you're that lean, it's actually healthy." While audiences might admire the view from the screen, it seems that Tatum hopes that people appreciate the movie magic required to perfect that almost unachievable look.

The food Channing Tatum avoided while filming Magic Mike 3

As movie fans count down the premiere of "Magic Mike's Last Dance," Channing Tatum might be ready to spice up his own life a little more post-filming. Business Insider recounted the popular movie actor's appearance on the Kelly Clarkson show where he shared how he got in shape for filming. As one of the components to get lean, Tatum shares that he had to cut salt out of this diet and said, "everything tastes like water" because of the change. But, this strict compliance is not a new approach for the actor who has bared all. In a 2014 Esquire interview, Tatum discussed another diet that helped him obtain that enviable physique. 

Although it appears the filming required a specific diet, Tatum doesn't appear to always deprive himself of flavorful foods. In a Delish article, the Magic Mike star shared his love for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with an odd ingredient, the craving for a simple pepperoni pizza, and even cookie dough ice cream. Although Tatum might have sacrificed some of those favorite foods in order to perfect the fantasy of the Magic Mike world, many moviegoers will salivate over those efforts.

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