Reddit Is Rejoicing About The Return Of Trader Joe's Organic Flake Coconut

Sometimes, all it takes is a little bag of coconut flakes to bring a little joy to the world. If you're a Trader Joe's shopper and love the tropical fruit in all its shapes and forms, hold onto your seat: Reddit has spotted bags of Trader Joe's Organic Unsweetened Flake Coconut back on the supermarket's shelves after a six-month hiatus.

Coconut is one of the few fruits that can be enjoyed in both edible and inedible forms. The use of its smell in wellness products aside, coconut can be turned into caramel-like sugar, its meat can be ground into flour or turned into cooking oil, and its water can be drunk as a refreshing summer beverage (via Cooks County). Coconut meat can also be transformed into many dried forms. There are wide coconut chips for munching or fine shredded coconut strands from which coconut milk is extracted.

Coconut flakes (also known as flake coconut) stands somewhere between the two. It makes a stellar addition to oatmeal bowls, can be used as a garnish, or even just eaten as a snack by itself — the possibilities here are endless. So it's easy to understand why the news of Trader Joe's returning organic flake coconut has Reddit giddy with the joy of possibilities.

Redditors are getting creative with how they plan to use it

"I put them in chocolate oatmeal cookies as is or toast them and use them to top overnight oats, pancakes, etc," one Reddit user wrote when asked what exactly people used Trader Joe's organic flake coconut for. Its obvious uses aside — homemade granola, chia puddings, yogurt bowls, and the likes — some Redditors have more creative uses for coconut flakes to share with fellow users. One comment says to make a "coconut shrimp or chicken" and serve it alongside a mango and jalapeno chutney. The method they say, is to "throw it into the food processor with the heels of bread, near the end, to make coconut bread crumbs."

Another suggests turning it into plant-based coconut bacon using Minimalist Baker's recipe and adding it to salads. Making homemade coconut milk was another solid idea. Or, there's always the option of just eating them plain. As one user admits: "I definitely just grab a handful and munch on them sometimes."

Per Reddit, the organic flake coconut was found in the dried fruits section selling for $1.99 alongside unsweetened dried pineapple rings and sweetened dried cranberries. If you want to take your coconut commitment even further, some shoppers have also found coconut milk back at certain Trader Joe's stores in Colorado and Florida.