Why Twitter Thinks Paprika Should Be Your Go-To Recipe App

Paprika, a recipe organizer app that can be described as your meal helpmate, recently experienced a hot moment on Twitter. Paprika, per the app website, can assist you with your efforts to "organize your recipes, make meal plans, and create grocery lists." As Cellularnews.com explains, if you struggle trying to decide what to make for dinner after a long day's work and picking up kids from school, and don't want to make a stop at McDonald's or any other fast-food chain, Paprika's goal is to get you to cook at home.

Paprika debuted in 2010, has undergone some upgrades as technology has evolved, and is considered the gold standard for meal and recipe apps, per Cellurlarnews.com. Why? Paprika imports your favorite recipes from websites across the internet, allows you to upload your own personal recipes, has the capability to keep your meal menu on track for a week or entire month, and auto-generates shopping lists based on your menu plan. Additionally, it has a pantry organizer so you are not continuously buying ingredients you already have hidden at the back of a cupboard. This app is so helpful to get your chef on, Twitterverse thinks this should be your go-to recipe app. 

Paprika helps you plan and prep your favorite recipes

A writer for The New Yorker took to Twitter to ask, "How do you keep track of online recipes you want to make in the future? Bookmarks? Pinterest? Special app or extension? Help! (If u make a hilarious joke about having to arduously scroll through personal essays before the recipe I'm gonna block you, thanks)." Her Tweet has garnered over 2.9K likes, almost 1.8K comments, and more Paprika recommends than we can count.

Whit Arner, a self-described "soup sorcerer," was quick to respond, sharing, "Paprika!!! I've got the desktop and mobile app. I used to use Pepperplate but switched when they went subscription and I was like, 'Oh, Paprika is better in every way.' " The Twitterverse was quick to agree, with another fan of the app chiming in with, "Best 5.00 or so I ever spent! I can add things to the shopping list after my husband leaves for the store and it will sync. I don't know how the reformatting works, but it's amazingly accurate. I even add recipes I have on Kindle cookbooks so I can find them."

And one tweeter couldn't let Paprika trend on the social media site without sharing a "Blue's Clues" picture of Pepper holding baby Paprika and captioning the photo, "Saw Paprika was trending and my brain immediately went to this." As Cellularnews.com points out, the cost of downloading this app varies, but with so much love for it on Twitter, it might be worth checking out.