The New ICEE Sandwich Cookies Will Only Be Found At Kroger

It's no secret that nostalgia is a powerful force, and sometimes, revisiting a snack you used to love in your childhood can be a fun experience. Perhaps you're celebrating the fact that Dunkaroos are back on store shelves now or you're eating your morning oatmeal dreaming of when you used to unearth tiny dinosaur eggs in your morning bowl (via Gopuff Blog). If one of your go-to treats was a cold, colorful ICEE beverage, well, you'll want to sit down for this one — that fruity flavor and fizz drink you loved as a child is now coming in sandwich cookie format, as FOODBEAST reported.

There are two flavors of the new ICEE-branded sandwich cookies: Cherry, which is a vibrant red hue, and Blue Raspberry, which features a neon blue shade that will be familiar to anyone who has ever slurped down a Blue Raspberry ICEE. Both flavors are creme fillings wedged between vanilla sandwich cookies, and the cookies also feature the ICEE brand imprinted on the top of each cookie.

Jawn Morant, managing editor at FOODBEAST, took to Twitter to share a short taste test of the creme-filled cookies, confirming that they do indeed taste like ICEEs. It seems the brand has nailed the flavoring. The packaging also claims that the cookies contain the "pop & fizz of a classic ICEE." The one catch is that they're only available at Kroger, so you'll have to visit that particular grocery store to pick up your ICEE cookies.

What consumers are saying

Anyone who has enjoyed a bright red or blue ICEE beverage may remember the way they can turn your tongue, or sometimes even your lips, a colorful shade that seems impossible to get rid of. FOODBEAST's publisher, Elie Ayroth, reshared the brand's original post on Twitter, commenting that "my tongue is blue now," so either Ayroth was only recalling the nostalgic tongue-dying properties of ICEEs or perhaps the cookies pack just as colorful a punch.

Many fans seem eager to test out the new snack on the market, with one Twitter user simply commenting, "would try" and another sharing a panting gif to convey their excitement. Yet another chimed in with an anticipatory, "Oh man. It's time."

The ICEE Company showcases a wide variety of flavors for their drinks, from unique offerings like Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, and even the mysterious Mermaid, as well as classic fruity flavors like Orange, Peach, and Mango. There haven't been any announcements about whether the flavor offerings would ever expand for the new sandwich cookies beyond Cherry and Blue Raspberry, but perhaps if enough consumers decide to stock up on the treats with the nostalgic connection, they'll decide to add a few more creme filling flavors into the mix.