Why TikTok Labeled This Starbucks Mug Collector A Karen

Karens appear to be a dime a dozen these days, particularly when you work in the service industry. Starbucks is no stranger to this type of customer, who is typically associated with the phrase: "Can I speak to your manager?" And after one woman posted a video about a Starbucks employee who wouldn't sell her a mug after the store had closed for the night, TikTok has dubbed her a Karen. But is she really?  

The Starbucks mug collector, @4Rayah.Sunshine, uses the mugs in personalized gift baskets that she makes, according to one of her replies to a comment. She stumbled upon a mug that she'd been hunting for and didn't want to miss the opportunity to purchase it. The entire experience was documented, and she posted the video to TikTok, where it went viral.

At the start of the video, the customer shares her excitement over finding a confetti mug and a studded cup with a straw. She then points the camera at a Starbucks employee, saying, "He says I can't buy it." The employee states, "because we're closed." Disappointed, she decides to have a chat with the manager. 

She explained in her video that the manager told her that the hours for the day had changed. She didn't know this until she had the mug in her hands. The manager also said the store could put a mug on hold for her until the next day. 

TikTok is not sympathetic to the mug collector

The TikTok video posted by @4Rayah.Sunshine has attracted derision from many who commented on it, regardless of her claim that she didn't know the store was closed due to its store hours being posted wrong. The customer received little to no sympathy over her experience, even when she revealed that an employee (allegedly) hid the mugs away so she couldn't buy them during store hours the next day. "I'm glad the manager was there to catch that ... behavior" the poster shared. 

Regardless of the unpleasant experience for all involved, the video has thus far received 54,500 views and 1,292 comments. Only a handful of viewers showed her any pity, which is part of what makes this viral Karen TikTok seem so sad. The rest of the viewers deem the Starbucks mug lover a Karen, writing comments like "you're the type of person I bark at" and "This reads very much Karen behavior."

One user asked, "so even after they said they would hold for you until morning you still put them on blast like this?" And the poster defended herself stating, "It's my page I'm allowed to express my disappointment for not being able to purchase a rare cup. And upset when the employee hides cups."

Whether or not this is true Karen behavior given the circumstances is debatable, but TikTok seems to have come to a consensus –  Karen.