Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Psyched To Try Its New Tamarind Sauce

If you're craving Indian food, for the best recipes you'll probably need some tamarind sauce, or you'll certainly want some, to round out the flavor of the dish. Sure you can make this sweet and tart condiment at home, but first, you'll need to find ingredients including a block of tamarind pulp, cumin, ginger, red chili powder, and even jaggery in some cases (per Great Curry Recipes). And while your homemade version of this sauce may be worthwhile, it might prove a tad easier to pick up a premade bottle instead.

You can find this sauce at a variety of locations, and the popular Instagram account @traderjoeslist has discovered Trader Joe's take on the item during a shopping run. The post to Instagram reads "NEW TAMARIND SAUCE" with alert emojis and excitement prevails as the caption goes on, "I was unfamiliar with this new sauce but a quick google and taste test revealed it's an ingredient in Worcestershire sauce and is used in Indian and Thai dishes as well as an array of beef and spicy dishes. It's sweet and tangy with a hint of smoke!" Perhaps we all need to be eating more tamarind sauce, or at least, Trader Joe's fans think so.

Trader Joe's tamarind sauce has Instagram hyped

A generous 4,011 hearts have been tapped thus for this @Traderjoeslist tamarind post and the comment section is bursting with excitement having generated 90 replies already, including "I used with pork.. it's a condiment in many Mexican dishes," "WHAAAT game changer! Going to buy today!," and "This will go with all the Indian snack foods!!! So excited!!"

Many have chimed in with specific food pairing ideas, like "Pad Thai!!," "As a samosa dip!," and "Naan bread." Still more praise from another fan who shares "When we go to our favorite Indian place, we always get tamarind rice. It's my favorite! I may have to try this." Others have broader cooking ideas regarding the sauce, posting suggestions like "Delicious over a scored block of cream cheese with crackers," and "Great dip for vegetarian dishes!" 

The post reports that the sauce is available now for $2.99 per bottle, but doesn't specify if all Trader Joe's locations carry it.