Potentially Bad News For Fans Of Disney World's Citrus Swirl

Ah, Disney World. The slogan "The Happiest Place on Earth" is so catchy in commercials, but it's all relative, right? Some may have fond memories of meeting Donald and Daisy on Main Street while others might remember waiting an hour in line for Space Mountain. Whether your favorite moment involves meeting beloved childhood characters or singing along to your favorite Disney tune while marching in the Main Street parade, there's something for everyone at a Disney theme park. Yet, anyone who has been there can agree on one thing — Disney offers some unique food finds. 

From the worldly and extravagant restaurants you can find at Disney's EPCOT, to the more family-friendly Chef Mickey's, the theme park certainly didn't skimp on the food part when creating the cartoon kingdom.

Guests have noticed, however, that one favorite treat of the Magic Kingdom has disappeared. The "Citrus Swirl," a combination of vanilla soft serve and frozen orange juice slushie served at the Magic Kingdoms Sunshine Tree Terrace seems to have abruptly disappeared. And oddly enough you can still find the ice creams mascot, the Orange Bird, hidden throughout the park, but the Citrus Swirl itself has reportedly been discontinued (via Inside the Magic). 

The secrets surrounding the Citrus Swirl

According to the Disney Food Blog, the Citrus Swirl mysteriously vanished off the Sunshine Tree Terrace's menu back in July. Although the reason was assumed to be that the machines used to dispense the Citrus Swirl were temporarily out of order, as of this month, the treat has not returned to the menu. The Blog inquired about the Citrus Swirl's status, only to receive the surprising news that it had been "discontinued" as of the moment. WDW News Today was even told the treat may be discontinued for up to two years.

But if the Citrus Swirl is such a popular treat among guests, why would they discontinue it? Inside the Magic, while investigating another report about the disappearance of Goofy's Candy Company sour balls, proposed that perhaps these shortages and discontinuing of items has something to do with the supply chain issues that have been affecting the country. While we never could have anticipated Goofys sour balls or the Citrus Swirl to be among 2022 food shortages, this seems to be the case.

Of course, this might just be a temporary issue and the discontinued treats could be making a comeback sooner than expected. To satisfy those cravings for now, when visiting the theme park, it might help to try this Disney food hack you wish you knew years ago.