Chef Nobu Matsuhisa Reveals What It's Like To Cook With Brooklyn Beckham - Exclusive

For many people, having a private cooking class with a world-renowned chef would be an absolute dream. And for David and Victoria Beckham's son, Brooklyn, that dream became a reality in recent months when he learned from none other than Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Mashed exclusively spoke to Matsuhisa ahead of his appearance at Taste of Paradise, which is a Bahamian culinary event set at the island's Atlantis property, and the chef spilled on working with Beckham and his natural abilities.

"You know, a couple months ago, Brooklyn started a cooking show, and he made seven episodes. His last episode was mine," Chef Nobu said of working with the model turned cooking star. You can watch the show on Brooklyn's Instagram account. "I taught him how to make sushi at Nobu Los Angeles, [and] he has great sense. He loves cooking. After that, we shot for his cooking show." But their connection didn't end with the cooking series. 

"We talked many times, and I got to teach Brooklyn in more detail. So, in the cooking episode, [we went over] how to slice fish, and how to make sushi, but I'd like to teach [him] more," Matsuhisa said. "[For example,] how to make the sushi rice, which rice, how much water, how much rice, how much rice vinegar, how much sushi rice." The chef added that Beckham paid a visit to his house for the one-on-one instruction where the two bonded. "I have a small sushi bar, it's my playroom within my kitchen. That's when I taught him how to make sushi. He has a great sense."

Beckham has a natural sense for cooking

For Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, cooking is about far more than the physical senses. To him, any kind of creative expression — including the culinary arts — must be one of passion. And he found that Brooklyn Beckham felt the same way. "He understands my heart, too, and he likes to learn more. That's why he came to my house. He's so appreciative," Matsuhisa said, adding, "Cooking is very important to the heart. You know, [with] painting, music, architecture — without the heart, people don't succeed."

While Beckham might not be a professional cook day in and day out, he certainly showed Chef Matsuhisa his enthusiasm for and understanding of cooking as an expressive medium. "Brooklyn is not a chef, but he has a great heart, and great cooking sense," Chef Matsuhisa said. And it's likely for just that reason he hopes to cook with Beckham again in the future. "He understood that faster than many. Maybe I'll teach him another dish one day."

Attend Taste of Paradise in the Bahamas this March to meet Nobu Matsuhisa.