The Massive British-Themed Cake Sophie Turner Was Gifted For Her Birthday

Actor Sophie Turner, known for playing Sansa Stark on "Game of Thrones" and more recently for marrying Joe Jonas, recently celebrated a birthday. Hard to believe, but she is only 26 years old. It seems like she's been around for a lot longer than that, but maybe celebrity time runs differently. So how did Turner celebrate her passage into the second quarter-century of life? The same way any other zillenial would: by broadcasting the celebration via Instagram story.

Ephemeral as these stories are, we can no longer vicariously enjoy all the fun, but thanks to People, we can have a pretty good idea of how it went down. Hubby Joe was in the house, and oddly enough, he chose to mark the occasion by sharing a not-too-flattering candid shot of Turner lying in bed and giving him some serious side-eye. Although E! Online says this candid-camera capture was posted to Jonas' Instagram, it no longer seems to be there. It's possible that it was also shared via Instagram stories, but it may be that he had second thoughts about this not-so-sweet gesture. One of Turner's other admirers, however, certainly one-upped Jonas in a huge way with his gift — five tiers huge.

Sophie's b-day cake was an OTT tribute to her roots

A man named David Grutman, whom People describes only as an "entrepreneur," gifted Turner with a massive cake. Grutman is not a random Sophie Turner stan, though — GQ calls the nightclub owner "king of Miami" and he counts A-listers like David Beckham, Tom Brady, and Kim Kardashian among his pals. For all we know, he gives them all multi-tiered birthday cakes with themes to match what he knows about them.

With Turner, the cake Grutman sent was not GoT-themed; the actress, after all, has shown no desire to return to Westeros. Instead, the cake had U.K.-inspired decorations to match the land of her birth. The first tier was frosted in white with tiny Union Jack pennants, while the second tier was a black-on-white London skyline. The third tier departed from the whole British motif, as it was just gold sparkles emblazoned with "Sophie," but the fourth tier got back on course with a patchwork of U.K. flags. The top layer featured a Beefeater in his white-frosted guard tower, while the cake topper was a gaudy crown. The cake was also adorned with a red Dr. Who-style phone booth, as well as a plate of fondant bangers and mash.

So what did Turner think of this gift? The pic she posted was accompanied by her doing an "I'm so surprised!" face. It seems that she must have liked it because she captioned the pic "@DAVEGRUTMAN YOU ARE AN ANGEL," (via People).