What High-Maintenance Chick-Fil-A Customers Order, According To Reddit

When you hit up your favorite fast food location, you might feel tempted to order off the menu or ask for a very elaborate meal. According to Fast Food Menu Prices, Chipotle workers hate making quesaritos — burritos that feature a quesadilla instead of a regular tortilla. Likewise, McDonald's workers hated the hassle of trying to whip up oatmeal, while Wendy's workers despised serving up fries without any salt. Every fast food brand has its tricky items, and Chick-fil-A proves no different.

A recent Reddit thread over on r/ChickFilA delved into the orders of very particular and picky customers, and asked, "Considering how simple Chick-fil-A's menu is, what does your most high-maintenance (regular) customer request? Do you all get customers asking for 'fresh' chicken or fries during the middle of a rush?" Followers of the subreddit couldn't wait to respond to the question and quickly flooded the thread with their most memorable high-maintenance customer experiences.

A massive list of annoying orders

The thread quickly picked up traction, with many users responding with their customer horror stories. Redditors chimed in with, "I hate the whole 'fresh' thing. Yes ma'am, we were planning on giving you a stale, cold sandwich, but since you specifically asked for it....!" and, "No salt fries during the rush ... and then they ask for salt packets. It's a rush! They were going to be fresh!!!" Another worker had a very specific horror story — "This guy gets a sandwich meal large no salt fries extra light ice Coke Zero with like 6 Sriracha."

Many workers hate dealing with very minute ingredient changes like "No cherry tomatoes on salad, no butter on bun, light ice but not too light, PULP FREE LEMONADE, ice cream cup wasn't packed down enough, grilled chicken with the old spice blend, the list goes on." One particular Redditor takes the cake with their high-maintenance customer that could put all others to shame: "Of course there's the lady who comes through weekly and wants the fish sandwich cause she got it last time she was here. She will get super rude about it and demand the order taker give her the fish sandwich."

Next time you hit up a Chick-fil-A with a very particular order, take heart knowing you aren't the person trying to order a fish sandwich year-round.