Fans Can't Get Enough Of Aldi's Latte Creme Cookies

Coffee is traditionally considered a morning beverage that, to many, pairs best with breakfast staples like cereal or pancakes. However, there's another popular accompaniment for the caffeinated bean juice that isn't typically featured on the table during the a.m. meal: cookies. According to Café Altura, coffee drinkers have been pairing their java with the tasty baked good since the mid-1600s, and now, it's fairly common to see cookies featured in the food display case at your favorite coffee shop. "They just go together, a perfect match," the outlet asserted.

Being that cookies and coffee beverages of all kinds are such a great team (in addition to being quite popular on their own), it would make sense that combining the two into one single snack would yield a bite that is nothing short of delicious, right? Well, we can't confirm if that theory is true for every single coffee-inspired cookie on the market these days, but for the Benton's Latte Crème Cookies sold at cult-favorite grocery store Aldi, that appears to be the case.

The sweet treats were the subject of a thread posted on the Reddit page dedicated to the German bargain outlet this week by user u/jreading011 that included a photo of the vibrant blue package of latte-flavored sandwich cookies. "I like these ALATTE," the Redditor wrote. And based on the responses to the thread, they're hardly alone with their sentiments about the snack.

Aldi's done it again with its Benton's Latte Crème Cookies

For those unfamiliar with Aldi's line of Benton's sandwich cookies, the treats are nearly identical to Oreos in that they feature two wafer cookies with a sweet crème filling in between (via Aldi). The snack comes in the traditional chocolate cookie and vanilla filling combination, as well as a number of other flavors, including the Latte Crème version consisting of chocolate cookies and crème filling inspired by the popular espresso beverage that shoppers have been raving about online.

"They are sooo yummy," one Aldi fan said in response to Reddit user u/jreading011's recent post about the coffee-inspired snacks. "I just bought some yesterday and could hardly stop eating them," another user shared. "So addictive," added a third. A fourth Redditor, meanwhile, more or less confirmed Café Altura's statement that cookies and java make for the perfect pair, writing that the Benton's Latte Crème Cookies are "delicious dipped in coffee." Elsewhere on the thread, shoppers sang the praises of some of the other products in Aldi's Benton's cookie line, namely, the Hot Cocoa and Red Velvet-flavored versions.

According to Aisle of Shame, Benton's Latte Crème Cookies hit Aldi shelves on January 26, and retail for $1.99 per package. They are also considered an "Aldi Find," meaning that they will only be available for a limited time.