How To Order The Dairy Queen Cupcakes You Never Knew Existed

Dairy Queen has a lot of well-known menu items: Blizzards, sundaes, chicken tenders, and burgers are probably a few things that came to mind, but chances are you never thought cupcakes would be on the menu. Dairy Queen technically doesn't sell typical cupcakes, the frosting-covered little cakes in a paper wrapper you're familiar with. They do sell something that may be an upgrade from the traditional cupcakes you'd find at your local bakery.

The chain also has a secret menu. According to Wide Open Eats, you can ask for a Frozen Hot Chocolate and the employee will blend hot chocolate and ice cubes together until thickened and add whipped cream. SnackHistory shared the Peanut Butter & Jelly Shake, which consists of a peanut butter shake blended together with strawberry topping. There's also the Macho Meal-Triple Cheeseburger (via Junk Food Blog). This is a double cheeseburger with another cheeseburger directly between the two patties, something you could easily make yourself if you order both burgers. It sounds like a filling meal that could be finished off with one of the chain's unique cupcakes.

The cupcakes are hand-held ice cream cake servings

The cupcakes at Dairy Queen are not what you might expect, but the menu item might be worth considering if you have a craving for a slice of something cold and sweet but don't need an entire cake. According to Taste of Home, the "cupcake" is a version of the famous Dairy Queen ice cream cake converted into the size of a hand-held sundae.

Although the toppings, frosting, and sprinkles may vary, the base cupcake itself is described as a combination of chocolate cake, a "fudge and crunch center," and both chocolate and vanilla soft-serve. To order this miniature ice cream cake, all you need to do apparently is simply ask for a cupcake, the same as you would order a normal sundae. No tricks or secret titles here! Although you're probably shocked that you could enjoy the experience of eating an ice cream cake without paying full price for one.