Dave Grohl Shares His BBQ Tips During 'Bucket List' Appearance On Hot Ones

Dave Grohl, frontman of the Foo Fighters, former drummer of Nirvana, author, and now comedy-horror film actor and screenwriter, was the latest guest on "Hot Ones" — the web series in which famous folks are interviewed while nibbling on wings doused in hot sauce that become progressively spicier. The show, which is now on its 17th season, has featured dozens of celebrity guests. During the episode, host Sean Evans described the one-and-only Dave Grohl as "probably the most requested guest that we've ever had on the show" since Gordon Ramsay, who treated "Hot Ones" viewers to his tears. "I'm stoked, man! I've been waiting to do this for years," Grohl confirms (via YouTube). He was a long-time viewer, and when the drummer finally became a guest, he thought, "Yes! Bucket list, bam!" Viewers seemed stoked, too. One YouTube commenter declared Grohl "one of the coolest guys on the planet" while another thought Evans "glow[ed] at the presence of Dave."

Throughout the interview, Grohl and Evans chat about "Studio 666," the new movie starring the Foo Fighters, his opinions on the greatest drummers of all time, some of the most memorable gigs of his career, and more — all while munching on hot wings and swigging cocktails made with Crown Royal and Coke. Perhaps not shockingly to most viewers, the beloved, down-to-earth, humorous musician dominated the battle of the hot sauces, barely flinching or breaking a sweat. In one exchange, he talks about his fondness for barbecue and the importance of keeping things unsophisticated.

Dave Grohl likes his barbecue how he likes his music — simple

Around the 4:24 mark of the interview, Dave Grohl and Sean Evans sink their teeth into wings coated in the lineup's second sauce, Cedar Smoked Garlic from Dawson's Hot Sauce. "I would hit some brisket with that," Grohl declares upon taking his first bite. Evans asks the rock star about his "deep and abiding love of barbecue" and how he compares songwriting to cooking. A quote from Grohl is then dissected: "You create a recipe as you would a song. You prepare a meal as you would a record. When people come back for seconds, well, that's your encore."

Grohl's key to a good rub? "Simplicity." The rock star explains, "I just like a real good mixture of just salt and pepper, 'cause that'll really bring out, whether it's pork or beef." He says, "You can get fancy with sugars. You can get fancy with cumin and things like that, but I'm really simple when it comes to that stuff because it really comes down to the time and the temperature and the smoke. And if you let all of those things sit and rest at the right place for the right amount of time, you want the taste of the meat — more so than the taste of the rub." He compares his barbecue style to drumming: It's all about getting the right tempo.