Reddit Can't Believe This Receipt From A Las Vegas Starbucks

The amount you would pay for Starbucks' Iced Caramel Macchiato, cappuccino, or another one of the coffee chain's drinks can be influenced by where you buy it. For instance, according to The Spruce Eats, Starbucks drinkers in the United States pay far less than those in Germany or Norway. In fact, the site notes that the U.S. is one of the cheapest countries to be a Starbucks customer. And within the U.S. the article named New York City as "the most expensive location." A recent social media suggests that Starbucks fans in Sin City might also take a hit to their wallets, at least at one location. The Reddit community can't get over how much a Starbucks order for sandwiches and coffee cost some poor soul.

The original Reddit poster wrote, "I thought the prices were bad in my store.. Then I see this [receipt] from a coworker in my stores gc. Vegas btw." The receipt shows the individual purchased three bacon and gouda sandwiches, each costing $7.99, along with three drinks: a venti latte for $7.99 and two cups of Brewed Pike Place coffee that cost a combined $13.98. The total bill was $49.79, including tax. In other words, it cost about one Ulysses S. Grant or half a Benjamin Franklin. Yikes! Why so expensive? Reddit has some thoughts.

Some called it 'robbery' while others called it licensing

Redditor and Starbucks supervisor bluths10dollarbanana seemed to find the receipt prices outrageous, writing, "$7 for Pike, that's a robbery." In reply, Beautiful-Tadpole44 noted the same drink would cost them $2 at their location. Another commenter called the Pike price "a hate crime." A barista reacted to the receipt by posting, "[I] just choked on my breakfast."

Redditor AquaMoonCoffee, who also self-identifies as a Starbucks supervisor, had a theory about the Vegas location's prices: "This is almost definitely either in the airport or in a casino on the strip. All of those Starbucks are licensed and charge out the wazoo." Apparent "Key & Peele" fan wheres_jaykwellin_at agreed: "Absolutely. I used to work at the busiest licensed store in my area, inside a hotel-casino. The explanation I was always given as to why prices were so high was that Starbucks ridiculously marks all their products up for licensed stores. They then have to price accordingly to make any sort of profit." Others chalked it up to operating in Las Vegas.

But people who drink their caffeine outside of Vegas can't necessarily bet on prices staying low. Per the Motley Fool service The Ascent, the cost of coffee rose 80% in 2021, meaning coffee drinkers may start to see that increase on their own receipts at some point if they haven't already.