Jamie Oliver Reveals How To Get Roast Potatoes 'Crispy And Delicious' Every Time

The internet has spoken and they really like Jamie Oliver's roast potatoes. Oliver took to Instagram to share a video of his roast potato recipe and so far, a whopping 119k people have watched and liked it. He captioned the video with: "ROAST POTATOES!! This is how you get them crispy and delicious every single time!" At first, we thought this might be hyperbole, but it's not just fans on social media who adore this delicious recipe of starchy goodness. 

Per Surrey Live, a reporter for the outlet admitted not only to have tried this dish but also stated to "never go back" because "they tasted absolutely divine." So, what's the secret? Apparently, there are multiple tips and tricks the celebrity chef uses to get that crunchy bite on the outside and that soft, flavorful taste on the inside. Oliver shares how to create this potato bliss in a detailed YouTube video where he demonstrates three different ways to achieve perfect roast potatoes. The celebrity chef confesses that he is "mad" for roast potatoes that are "crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside" which is what you get when you commit to making these. 

Oliver adds a little vinegar

Every good recipe begins with the right blend of ingredients and when it comes to the type of potato to use, Oliver recommends the Maris piper which he says is both "fluffy and starchy." But whatever potato you choose, parboiling them in salted water is a must, because as Oliver stresses — this is key to getting them fluffy. He also explains you want them just on the verge of becoming a mashed potato, but not quite. Oliver concedes this line is rather thin, so be on high alert.

When it comes time to roast the potatoes in the oven, the Naked Chef uses either olive oil, butter, or goose oil in his pans. He reveals that he is partial towards the dynamic duo of olive oil and butter, but at Christmas time, he prefers the goose oil because "it is so good." Oliver also shares he has a secret ingredient he adds to these potatoes — a little red wine vinegar. He claims this ingredient gives the potatoes a "subtle tang." There are other tart substitutes for red wine vinegar if you don't have any on hand.

His Instagram post on this recipe is raining hearts and has plenty of comments, with fans drooling over the potatoes. Perhaps after giving it a try, this will be your go-to potato recipe as well.