Here's Why There's No Truck For The Winner Of Guy Fieri's Tournament Of Champions Season 3

The third edition of "Tournament of Champions" has kicked off. But while Brooke Williamson was presented with a RAM 1500 truck after being named as the winner of season one, the show's third installment features no such prize.

During an interview with ParadeGuy Fieri spoke of the absence of the wheeled award, saying that while there will be no RAM truck, or any truck for that matter, there will be a desirable prize. In fact, there will be a massive cash prize given to the winner of season three — and not just that. Said cash prize will be much higher than both the price of a 2022 RAM 1500, which has a manufacturer suggested retail price of $35,900, and the award given during the Food Network's series' second season of "Tournament of Champions," which the Pioneer Woman revealed was $25,000 cash.

As for why the prize has changed, Fieri explained just that to Parade.

Guy Fieri believes the winner will benefit more from cash

When Parade asked Guy Fieri if the winner of "Tournament of Champions" would be getting a brand new truck, he confirmed they would not and went on to explain why. "Here's the thing," he began. "We were going to do the truck, we were doing the car, but you know what? Having everybody battle through this pandemic and for so many restaurants and so many chefs, cash is the commodity, and everybody needs it."

According to Fieri, he met with his team and suggested they give the winner a cash prize, rather than a truck they would like go on to sell. "I said, "Let's just make it easy on them. I don't want someone getting the truck and then having to deal with selling the truck to get the money. Let's just give them cash,'" he recalled. Then, in a major step of generosity, he actually offered to split the cost of the prize.

It's been about two years since the initial outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. And, while certain states and countries have been loosening their restrictions as their vaccines become more readily available, the financial stress put on the food industry is expected to last until at least the end of the year.