Costco Shoppers Are Marveling At This Massive Liquor Haul

By now, most people are undoubtedly aware that Costco is the place to go when you need massive quantities of something at a good price – from giant cases of toilet paper to giant tubs of macaroni and cheese and multi-pound packs of bacon, the discount warehouse superstore has you covered. What may be less well known is that Costco is the leading alcohol retailer in the world, with alcohol revenues of $5.5 billion in 2020, according to VinePair. Out of Costco's 572 stores in the United States, 458 stores are licensed to sell beer, 448 stores are licensed to sell wine, and 317 stores have licenses to sell liquor, reports Shanken News Daily.

All this means that bulk orders of alcohol, including liquor, at Costco is something that probably happens on a fairly regular basis, and hardly something of note. Yet a recent liquor haul at a Costco in Surprise, Arizona was suitably large enough that it did catch the eye of a fellow shopper, who snapped the photo proof to post on Reddit under the Costco subreddit with the caption, "My Kind of Party!"

Impressively large Costco liquor haul consists entirely of margaritas

The photo that accompanied the Reddit post shows a Costco flat cart that has been loaded up with seven 6-packs of the Kirkland ready-to-drink Strawberry Margarita and six 6-packs of the ready-to-drink Golden Margarita, plus an additional bottle of each on top, for a total of 80 bottles. At 17 servings each, that's enough for 1,360 margaritas! As several Redditors pointed out in the comments, the massive liquor haul was most likely destined to become the "house margarita" of a restaurant, perhaps to be poured into a margarita machine. Made with gold tequila, triple sec, and real fruit juices, these premade margaritas are ready to enjoy as is, poured over some ice, which pretty much means instant party in a bottle.

It's not clear why 80 bottles was the magic number, or why there were more bottles of the Strawberry Margarita, which has Costco shoppers divided as to its taste and quality, than the more classic Golden Margarita, but surely there's a method to the madness, along with that seemingly random one additional item of a cheesecake. Whether it's for a party at a house or at a restaurant, more than 1,300 servings of margarita will make for some seriously good times indeed, especially at 12.75% ABV. Salud!