Instagram Is Swooning Over Michael Symon's Adorable Video Of His Granddaughter

Everyone knows the internet really was made for watching videos of puppies, kittens, and babies. So it's not a surprise that Instagram users fell in love when celebrity chef Michael Symon shared a video on his page of his adorable granddaughter, Emmy. In the video — which he captioned, "Definitely not precious ... lol .. wait for it!.." — the toddler is outside bundled up in winter clothing and walking across a log like a tiny tightrope walker when she slips off. Undeterred, she gets back on and holds onto an upright limb, which suddenly cracks and she falls again. Amid giggles, she says, "I did it," to which an off-camera voice (possibly Symon's) replies, chuckling, "You sure did." Emmy then mentions that it "didn't break" all the way, and twists it off. The voice approving says, "That's a good stick."

If you listen closely enough, you might hear hearts melting in the comments about the adorable little girl. Many posted heart emojis and compliments, including, "Ooh, so cute," "Sweet girl," "Too precious," and "Adorbs." Award-winning chef Josh Capon also loved the video, exclaiming, "Too cute!" One user pointed out that she seemed unphased, noting, "No tears though!" Another called her "resilient." Quite a few viewers cheered her on. "Way to go, Emmy," one user applauded. Another commented, "Good try." User @50fabdam remarked, "It's just making her tough." The board was filled with laughing emojis as well, with user @happyhens2021 declaring, "You just made [my] Monday morning."

She's a budding chef herself

This isn't the first time that Michael Symon has featured his granddaughter Emmy on his social media feeds, and it seems that she's potentially taking after her grandpa with an affinity for the kitchen. For the Super Bowl, Symon shared an image of Emmy with a football and a small cast-iron skillet in hand. He also posted a photo of them together on Facebook in September 2020, calling her, "My little chef in the making!"

The 3-year-old has joined him in the kitchen in some of his online videos. In December 2021 he posted a video to Facebook of the two of them making baked ziti with cauliflower. Symon's granddaughter also wanted to be a grand helper, offering at one point to cut the garlic and handing Symon a large spoon. The charming little girl sat on a high stool, watching closely and giving opinions as her "Poppop" — her name for Symon — prepared the dish.

Emmy, whose full name is Emerson Lena (via Twitter), is not Symon's only grandchild. Her little brother, Butch Preston, made his Instagram debut in October of 2021. Perhaps one day, we'll see videos of little Butch Preston and the log-dance kid cooking with their grandpa together.