Costco Fans Are So Excited To Grab Its New Citrus Trees

Even if the snow still covers the ground, many people are longing for April showers to bring May flowers. At some Costco warehouses, a sign that spring is around the corner has arrived. In a post shared by Instagram's @Costco_doesitagain, a collection of citrus trees were seen as the fan page confirmed a price of $28.99 per tree.

Looking at several of the Instagram comments, people were wondering if their local warehouse would be blooming with all that bright citrus. Although _bella.luv_56 said, "[They're] in my Costco in CALIFORNIA," alba0019 said, "Definitely not in MN right now." Still, the majority of responses expressed excitement for the product's addition. From wanting to purchase one as a gift to the idea that spring is coming, the glee of seeing plants back in the warehouses is a welcomed sight. And, despite some comments questioning the hows, wheres, and whats associated with planting a citrus tree, it seems many people are thrilled with the possibility of being able to pluck fresh citrus from their backyard or patio.

Costco's tree prices have increased since 2021

Following the sharing of @costco_doesitagain's photo of citrus trees at Costco, some Instagram users spoke of the item's price of $28.99, with one person saying it seemed like a "great price." However, Frugal Hotspot reported two different fruit trees at lower prices at this time last year. As their report revealed, The Barefoot Fruit Trees went for just $14.99 while the Combination Fruit Trees, with plants budding in 18 to 24 months, were sold for $18.99. As for the citrus trees, they were sold for $25.99 in 2021, according to Eating Well.

Also in 2021, Taste of Home reported that Costco's plant trees were offered for $25.99 and under and claimed that the springtime offering sells out quickly. Looking at the price reported by @costco_doesitagain, it seems that prices have increased in a year, which may not be a big shock given that inflation has impacted many items on store shelves.

While the Easter bunny might not have hopped down the bunny trail yet, the return of Costco fruit trees could be signaling an early return of spring.