Floral Lattes May Be The Prettiest Social Media Trend Of 2022

Coffee and lattes have long been a muse for social media. How could they not? Bright yellow turmeric lattes and pretty pink beetroot lattes do tend to photograph especially well. Thanks to social media, matcha lattes have also boomed in popularity despite having ancient roots (via First Classe). And who can forget the dalgona hype that helped fill up many boring days of summer quarantine?

Lattes, as Coffee Bros explains, are made with twice as much milk as other espresso-based drinks. The high proportion of the dairy tends to greatly mask the flavor of the coffee, making a latte a particularly popular coffee to drink, especially with all the syrups and flavorings that can be added to it. A new kind of latte currently making the rounds shows that the milky drink continues to be the go-to coffee for Instagrammers to play with and create new concoctions.

According to Spoon University, an NYC-based flower and coffee shop called Remi is brewing floral lattes that seem to be more photogenic than any coffee-based drink hat social media has seen to date. The coffee shop's iced rose and lavender oat lattes look absolutely stunning in shades of pink and purple with crushed flowers on top. It's "the perfect spring drink," as they call it, and it might possibly take social media by a storm this year!

Floral lattes are more than just pretty social media drinks

According to My Recipes, milk steeped with floral extracts and syrups can make a herbaceous base for a coffee that's far more exciting than traditional options. Dried edible flower petals are another way to add nice details to lattes as well.

While floral lattes with pops of stunning colors seem to be popping up all over Instagram this year, Evening Standard indicates that these types of lattes may have been around for quite some time now. In 2016, cafés in the U.K. were already adding edible flowers, flower syrups, and extracts to their coffees. The owner of a British café called Farm Girl told the site that, besides looking, tasting, and smelling great, sometimes, floral lattes can be more nutritional too. Rose lattes made with rose water, in particular, provide all the benefits of rose water including possibly helping with digestion, bloating, and sore throats. Additionally, because rose water can be hydrating, it may be able to offset the dehydrating properties of the coffee.

Thankfully, you don't need a ticket to New York to get your hands on a floral latte, as Spoon University has a list of 11 cafés around the country that serve floral drinks that are just as pretty. Or, you could always make one at home using My Recipes' method — that is, if you can get your hands on edible flowers, extracts, and syrups, of course.