Aldi Shoppers Are Relating To This Hilarious Reddit Post

Veteran Aldi fans know that bringing a quarter and your own reusable bags to the store is Aldi Shopping 101 and forgetting them can make for a challenging shopping experience. According to the FAQ page on its website, the grocery chain requires a quarter deposit to borrow a shopping cart because the stores do not have the staffing levels to designate someone to collect carts in the parking lot, thus maintaining lower payroll costs. 

Aldi also does not provide free shopping bags to customers in an effort to keep costs low by not having to pay for bags and therefore passing savings onto consumers. Of course, there are the environmental benefits, too. If you do forget your bags, you can purchase Aldi's own reusable bags at the check-out, but such a purchase can be frustrating when you know you have perfectly good bags at home. This is the case for several Redditors who recently took to the platform gathering over one hilarious video parodying those who forget their bags and are too stubborn to buy new ones at the store. Who else can relate?

This busy beaver forgot his reusable bags

The Reddit thread, posted in the r/aldi forum, features a video with the caption, "When I just need a couple things and forgot to bring a bag." The meme below depicts a beaver precariously traversing over wet and rocky terrain with what appears to be a carrot in its mouth and a head of lettuce or cabbage in its front paws (yes, beavers have paws in the front and webbed feet in the back, because we know you were wondering). The beaver looks to be having a bit of trouble carrying the load and even drops an item along the way, but don't worry, he never gives up.

Redditors commented on just how relatable the beaver is, with one writing, "This is me each time I go to Aldi... I only need 'one' thing...." while another succinctly chimed in, "Me IRL." A creative user even wrote a haiku about the similar experience of failing to remember to bring a quarter for the Aldi cart: "When I forgot my/Quarter and tell myself that/I don't need a cart." 

One Reddit user encouraged shoppers who forget their reusable bags to cough up the dough for an Aldi bag, writing, "You can never get one or a couple things at Aldi. Also just get a bag to buy to use if you do that and then just tell them to add the bag to your total. Cute post. So true." And we agree, this is a cute, and very relatable, post.