Starbucks Fans Can't Wait To Get Their Hands On This Glass Tumbler

It seems like everyone has their favorite Starbucks order, but you might not realize some folks also have a preferred Starbucks cup. According to Taste of Home, customers love the cafe chain's personalized reusable cups, jeweled cold cups, gold-textured tumblers, and even the dreamy blue, black, and white "Summer Night Sky" tumbler. The fascination over these reusable cups have sparked a niche collectible market, and some tumblers get resold to other collectors for upwards of $2,000, per Eater. These numbers might seem ridiculous, especially considering the cups only cost between $20 and $30, but since the items typically sell out fast online, collectors have to make their way to brick-and-mortar stores in order to hand select cups that strike their fancy.

It only makes sense that Starbucks aficionados like to show off their finds when they stumble upon a cool tumbler. A Redditor got a hold of a clear tumbler, bespeckled with orange and blue transparent dots, and couldn't wait to show it off on the r/Starbucks thread. The post titled, "Took home this lovely, before it disappears tomorrow morning," has already attracted over 600 upvotes.

Starbucks shoppers drool over a trendy tumbler

Fellow Redditors jumped into the thread, and asked, "Is there a launch tomorrow? (I no longer work here but am curious hehe) Very pretty though, I love the colors. Good catch!" and "Oooh it's so pretty! Is that glass? Are you saying I'll be able to buy this at Starbucks tomorrow?" The thread's author confirmed that the cup is made of glass, sparking a ton of excited replies. Others jumped in with takes like, "I NEED IT! I set up my store's sirens eye tonight and we got zero new cups," and "If it's glass, I'm going to explode. I hate plastic reusable sippy cups but glass ones have me in chokehold."

Another Redditor familiar with the wide world of Starbucks collectible tumblers noted, "My heart! Thank you for the response! Makes me sad most won't be able to lay hands on these, thanks to the scalpers. Glad you got to take this treasure home OP." It also looks like some locations aren't selling the tumblers, as indicated through replies like, "My store did not get this glass in California." It's only a matter of time before shoppers know if this particular tumbler rises in value, but we can bet there's one TikTok Karen who collects Starbucks mugs that will, somehow, get her hands on this one!