Instagram Is Raining Hearts Over This Pic Of David Chang's Mom And Son

Celebrity chef David Chang has been melting the hearts of his fans by posting adorable pictures of his youngest baby boy, Gus, who was born in September 2021. At the beginning of this year, he wished his fans by sharing an unexpected picture of Gus on his Instagram account with the caption, "Happy New Year & Happy 백일 (100 days) Gus." Actor Amy Carlson commented on the post and wrote, "OMG — tied with Hugo for cutest baby," referring to Chang's older son.

As a dad, Chang has taken his responsibilities rather seriously. For example, the chef modified his cooking style to ensure that he's giving his kids the best most nutritious dishes possible. He told NPR that it has transformed the way he approaches cooking and explained, "...I care more about serving a bowl of soup that looks like just plain old soup, but made with love — as cliché as that is — just food made with love versus food that's trying to impress."

The chef recently took to Instagram to share a new update about his family, prompting many fans to post scores of comments on the photo.

People are moved by Chang's photo

David Chang said yesterday that his mother finally got the opportunity to meet her younger grandson. He captured the memory and posted it on Instagram, writing, "Momma Chang finally got to hold her grandson" with a heart-shaped emoji. At the time of writing, the post has already received over 77,000 likes as fans marvel at the beautiful picture that shows baby Gus smiling as he looks up at his grandmother.

"Blue Bloods" actor Amy Carlson commented on this picture as well, noting that Gus "looks pretty psyched to meet Momma Chang too!" while cookbook author Bryan Ford called the post "beautiful." Another commenter summed things up perfectly, writing "His little face looking at her eyes is priceless." Several other fans sent their best wishes to Chang's mom and hoped that she is doing well. 

In 2018, Chang wrote on Instagram that his mom has been "battling cancer off and on" for 25 years. He added that she is "still the best cook in the family."