Instagram Is Having Fun With Michael Symon's Selfie Confession

We all know how impressive our favorite celebrity chefs are in the kitchen, but many of them are just as talented outside of the culinary world. For example, homemaking queen Martha Stewart's unique hidden talent involves stacking wine glasses, while "Spring Baking Championship" judge Duff Goldman has a rock star background playing the bass guitar. As for Food Network star Michael Symon ... well, we're not quite sure what his secret talent is. However, we do know that it's not trimming his own facial hair, as the chef confessed he was seriously lacking in barber skills in a recent post on his Instagram page.

"Mental are a chef, not a barber," the 52-year-old said in the caption of a selfie photo, in which the state of his facial hair served as proof to his claim. "I would of been better trimming my beard with a chefs knife," he added along with the laughing, crying, and disguised-face emojis.

Fans don't seem too bothered by Symon's lack of barber skills

Despite admitting that his beard trimming didn't go quite as well as he had hoped, Symon's latest Instagram post still received tons of love from his fans. At the time of this writing, the snap has amassed more than 7,000 likes as well as over 300 comments. Of course, there were some that joined in with the chef poking fun at himself, like Instagrammer @sukeybinnion. "As a retired hairdresser, I think I coulda done better w/o my glasses," they teased. 

A majority of commenters, however, left compliments for the "Throwdown" host and his facial hair. "Looks good to me my friend," one follower wrote, while another said that Symon's selfie was "one of the best mug shots I've seen!!!" A few followers even offered their own barber skills to the cookbook author for the next time his beard needs a trim, though user @tim_b7355 offered some words of encouragement for the Food Network star if he would prefer to continue doing it himself. "You'll get better with practice. bright side, at least you can grow one," they said.