Why TikTok Is Hating On A 'Lazy' Olive Garden DoorDash Order

If you're like millions of other Americans, who spend an eye-popping amount on takeout each year, you've probably ordered in at some point in your life. It's the easiest way to get tasty food without having to dress up and dine out. And with the ongoing pandemic, contactless delivery has become more common, giving those who prefer to keep their distance from others a chance to get restaurant food without any close interaction.

It doesn't appear that Americans' affinity for takeout will go away any time soon: A study from last spring showed that 79% of diners plan to continue their pandemic ordering habits in the future. Plus, as the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, delivery apps are becoming a more popular way of ordering food. Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub are just a few options, with the most common choice depending where you're located. Though it's nobody's place to judge how and from where you order your food, when one TikTok user posted a recent video detailing her delivery order, users pointed out that it might have been easier to simply walk to the restaurant and pick up the food — considering the place was right across the street.

TikTok fans 'don't understand' this person's delivery order

When user @diamondpretzel2.0 posted a TikTok revealing she has ordered delivery from the restaurant across the road, fans were torn as to whether her decision made sense or not. In the short clip, the customer revealed "how lazy" she is before flipping the camera to show an Olive Garden just outside of her window. "That's Olive Garden," she said, showing the restaurant. "I've gotten delivery from there."

Users took to the comments section in disbelief, with many suggesting that the fees plus tip would make such an easy delivery completely unnecessary. "Maybe I'm cheap but I refuse to pay for delivery fees," one user wrote, saying they'd prefer to spend more of their money "on the actual food." "How do y'all afford that?!" someone else commented. "I simply cannot justify the higher costs + delivery charge + tip." Others pointed out that delivery would make the wait time higher: "30 mins for something 3 mins away? no," one person said. Still, one user, who claimed to be a DoorDash driver, came to the user's defense. "Thank u for ur service because as a DoorDash/Uber Eats driver these are my FAVORITE orders to take :) the faster we make our money the better!"