Seltzer Fans Can't Wait To Try Spindrift's New Blood Orange Flavor

In 2010, Bill Creelman was looking to replace his diet soda with a healthier, fresher beverage. A longtime fan of wholesome, seasonal foods, he wanted a drink that was also made with real, natural ingredients. When Creelman didn't find what he was looking for on store shelves, he decided to make it himself. He first began experimenting with creating homemade fruit sodas in his kitchen, before finding his sweet spot with fruit-infused sparkling water. His recipe was flavorful yet simple — sparkling water and real squeezed fruit — and before long, he launched Spindrift Beverage Co. to share his concoctions with the rest of the world.

While Spindrift might have gotten their start with more traditional flavors like grapefruit and lime, the company has recently announced they will be adding another, more unique flavor combination to their product line with perhaps their most creative concoction yet: Blood Orange Tangerine sparkling water. This newest offering blends the sweetness of fresh-squeezed tangerines with the tart, floral taste of blood oranges for a complex, one-of-a-kind flavor. The fruity, citrusy can is on track to hit store shelves and online retailers nationwide in April 2022, according to PR Newswire.

Spindrift fans are already raving about the new flavor online

The Blood Orange Tangerine flavor already seems to be generating some buzz online. The popular Instagram account @traerjoeslist made a post raving about the newest Spindrift offering, saying "This new flavor is arguably my favorite!" and telling fans, "It's delish!" Many of their followers were equally excited by the news. "I can't wait to taste this new flavor," @traderjolene replied, while another follower said they were "so excited."

But, the new flavor isn't the only thing Spindrift fans have to be excited about. For a limited time, from February 28 through March 4, up to 1,000 loyal Spindrift customers will have the chance to win a free pack of the new Blood Orange Tangerine sparkling water before everyone else. To be eligible, simply tell the Spindrift community something true about yourself that, like this flavor, is "anything but ordinary." Winners will be selected each day at random, and 100 lucky fans will also be selected to participate in the exclusive virtual Blood Orange Tangerine launch party, which is scheduled to take place on April 28. 

To enter for a chance to snag an invite to the exclusive event, which will feature "special guests and unique experiences," Spindrift fans simply have to post an "Anything But Ordinary" hashtag on their social media channels during the launch (via PR Newswire).