You Can Win A Year's Worth Of Miller Lite. Here's How To Enter

In August 2021, Miller Lite collaborated with rapper J Balvin for a multi-event promotional campaign known as "¡Es Jose Time!" (a riff on the well-known "It's Miller time!" slogan). Under this partnership, the singer, whose real name is Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin, has been lending his convivial, casual vibe to the light beer (via PR Newswire). "Whether he is J Balvin on stage or Jose with his friends, there is no one more authentic and true to themselves than Jose," noted the Vice President of the Miller Family of Brands, Sofia Colucci.

The 2021 campaign included a sweepstakes in which a few lucky contestants from across the country were awarded limited edition Miller Lite cans featuring Balvin's "signature lightning bolt and neon aesthetic," an immersive "takeover" of a traditional bodega, during which Balvin joined some unsuspecting local shoppers for a pint, as well as a late December campaign called "Closed for Miller Time" that offered beer buyers a rebate for purchases in advance of New Year's Eve (with the goal of offering a New Year's Eve respite to local beer retailers). Oh, and while they were at it, Miller Lite also donated a nice chunk of its revenues from the partnership, to Accion Opportunity Fund, a not-for-profit advancing racial, gender, and economic justice.

The next phase of the collaboration continues with another sweepstakes opportunity — this time to win a year's worth of Miller Lite in those aforementioned cans. If you'd like to enter, here's how.

Simply scan a Miller Lite can for a chance at free beer for a year

Sweepstakes are meant to reach the widest possible audience, so the so-called "barriers to entry" tend to err on the side of rather surmountable (via Upland Software). And it doesn't get much easier than what is needed to enter for a chance to "enjoy Miller Time through a virtual meet-and-greet with Jose, plus a year's worth of Miller Lite." More specifically, the prize is $500, the company's estimated cost of a year's worth of the brew (via PR Newswire). Starting on March 3 and continuing through April 15, all you have to do is scan the QR code on the new Miller Lite/ J Balvin pint can, and assuming you're of legal drinking age and not an employee of Molson Coors brewing company, you're in!

"I'm so proud of these pints," the singer said in the press release, adding "Miller Lite already has my favorite beer, and it's amazing to be able to give the brand a J Balvin look. I wanted to take something classic, like a pint of Miller Lite, and make it bright and unexpected with my signature neon colors." And while these Balvin-esque pint cans will be gone from stores in May, that free beer could last you quite a bit longer. To find out where to purchase qualifying pint cans, visit EsJoseTime (or for Spanish-speakers).