The Absolute Best Breakfast Burritos In The U.S.

A beefy burrito is great in the afternoon, but nothing kicks off the day like a burrito full of your breakfast favorites. You can make one at home with a good breakfast burrito recipe, but no one does it like the professionals, and the places on our list bring something special to the plate.

Great breakfast burritos appear across the U.S. They're a terrific fusion of Mexican and American staples like chorizo, scrambled eggs, and bacon wrapped up snug in a tortilla. Their fillings may vary, but each and every one brings some special — and delicious — to the table. We're highlighting some of the very best. You may see your favorite listed, but it's even better if you spot something new. These beautiful handfuls of morning joy may even inspire a road trip or two.

They come from all kinds of eateries, and some of the best bring local delicacies into the mix. You'll find our picks in food trucks, surfer shacks, traditional diners, and even an oyster bar. That goes without mentioning the excellent taco shops, of course. The best breakfast burritos aren't restricted to conventional restaurants, though sometimes they appear there, too.

Salsa Limón - Fort Worth, Texas

Salsa Limón started as a small restaurant, rebooted as a food truck, and now has it all, including their breakfast burrito — which is the best in Fort Worth, Texas. Their multiple locations make them easy to find for locals and tourists, and they're likely to add even more venues to their flavorful collection soon.

Founded by brother and sister team Milo and Rosalia Ramirez, Salsa Limón is all about the meats. Naturally, their breakfast burrito reflects this core food group. The basics — a flour tortilla, eggs, and refried beans — lay the foundation for the customer's choice of filling. There's bacon for traditionalists, but the chorizo is exceptional at Salsa Limón. For something different, you can even ask for the barbacoa. It's the best kind of surprise, even if you have to order it on purpose. The barbacoa creates a unique texture combo with the fluffy eggs, so the burrito's fillings don't blur into a mushy scramble. 

La Playa Taco Shop - San Diego

Right by the beach in San Diego, this little taco shop is a darling of locals and tourists alike. It's the epitome of a hole-in-the-wall venue with little space, no-frills, and an old-school menu board. Don't let the simplicity deceive you, because the breakfast burrito here is simply delicious.

The breakfast burrito comes with sausage or bacon, and the eggs come wrapped up with rice, beans, and cheese. It's a recipe perfected over time that showcases the skill of cooks trained to make a great breakfast-to-go in a hurry. It's quite a handful, too. The generous size fills up adventurers for a long day of wandering the city or roaming the waves. The team behind the counter are game for substitutions, too. Though, if you want to order something tailored, it's best to wait for the line to shrink. These affordable treats usually draw a crowd, and speed is key.

Breakfast burritos stay on the menu all day, so if you feel like you'd rather have a second breakfast at lunch or dinner time, you're in luck. La Playa has just the ticket.

Barista Del Barrio - Tucson

This Tucson-based spot is actually a coffee shop, but the java isn't the only thing worth having. Their breakfast burritos are rave-worthy.

Each burrito begins with a solid base: potato, egg, cheese, and beans. It isn't fair to say they only play a supporting role, but Barista Del Barrio's spicy chorizo is upstaged its fellow ingredients by necessity. The chorizo's flavor leaks into the other four, unifying the burrito and elevating every element of each bite. Spices matter, and you won't lack for them here. You can even build out the cast of this performance. Customers may add additional meats, extra eggs, and even tamales if they please. 

Burritos also come grilled, so the tortillas turn out a little crispy. There isn't a soggy underside to be found. Did we mention they're big? They're big, and most of the bulk comes from the packed-in filling, not tortilla, so you'll need your appetite. Since it's breakfast time whenever you have a breakfast burrito in hand, you should definitely try some coffee. It may help you conquer your meal.

Cofax - Los Angeles

There are many, many great burritos in Los Angeles. It's part of what makes the city so wonderful for foodies, but Cofax stands out as a nationwide contender in the realm of particularly excellent breakfast burritos. The baseball-themed aesthetic heralds the spot as a breakfast champion, and a mass of satisfied customers would agree.

This spot offers not one but rather a selection of tortilla-wrapped breakfasts. That said, only one is impossibly delicious, and it's named to reflect that. The Impossible Burrito is a breakfast of champions. It's unlike anything you've seen before. It's heart burns with Cofax's special Impossible Chorizo, which joins tater tots, a fried egg, pinto beans, pico de gallo, and Anaheim chilies in a holy bond of melty jack cheese. It doesn't rely on any one ingredient to flavor the others, and summons the whole team to bat.

If that isn't enough, you can add avocado or extra eggs and bacon, because sometimes even the Impossible isn't enough to help you stand up against a day of Los Angeles traffic. Cofax understands. 

Foster Sundry - New York City

Nothing screams Brooklyn quite like an old fashioned deli and butcher shop. It's the kind of place where you can stop for a cut of meat or a good lunch. Foster Sundry is all those things, and while it may not be the first place you'd look for a breakfast burrito, a great one lurks in the shadows, like a true NYC superhero. 

Their take on the dish begins with the deli's house-made red chorizo, which is the first hint that it isn't just good, it's one of a kind. That isn't all there is to love, though. Foster Sundry packs in scrambled eggs, hash browns, bell peppers, red onions, jalapenos, queso oaxaca, and sharp cheddar. Because it's New York, they throw in some Frank's Red Hot, too. It's all bundled together and griddled to perfection. It's so good, you may forget the horrible East Coast weather in the winter, just for a few minutes.

If that sounds amazing apart from the meat, you have something to celebrate. A vegetarian version with chorizo made from oyster mushrooms delivers a similar experience for meat-free diets.

Bonfire Burritos - Golden, Colorado

Tucson has a secret. Bonfire Burritos has been quietly drawing patrons from across the country with its exceptional breakfast options. This place is full of saucy flavors unlike anything you've tried before, and the breakfast burritos reign supreme. The name is the first sign you're onto something special. No one names a breakfast burrito the "Chupacabra" unless they're pretty serious. Believe us, though, this cryptid is worth the hunt.

Like its namesake, the Chupacabra believes in meat, lots and lots of meat. It has chorizo, sausage, and bacon — because picking just one meat is for lesser cryptids. Asking how chorizo and sausage are different is a question for another day. There's too much deliciousness at hand. Eggs, hash browns, chipotle crema, green chili, and both cheddar and cotija cheese round it out. This monster comes in two sizes. Neither is small. If the original is too much to handle, you can scale it down to a "little giant" size. If you decide to duel this beast, be ready to sweat.

Bad Boy Burrito - Key West

This place delivers one of the best breakfasts in Key West. Although the Florida Keys may not be the first place you'd think to find breakfast burritos, Bad Boy Burrito can hold its own against Key Lime pie any day. It's worth waking up early while you're on vacation to swing by for a burrito.

While you can build your own burrito out of an extensive list of ingredients, Bad Boy's claim to fame is the Big One. The Big One is aptly named. It has to be big because it really has it all. That includes bacon and chorizo for meat on top of the essential eggs, hash browns, and sharp cheddar cheese. But this bad boy has more to offer than protein and potatoes. It kicks up the spice with red chipotle chili sauce, which it tames with sour cream and cilantro. The big secret, though, is the cabbage. You read that right. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

Kono's Northshore - Honolulu

Kono's Northshore does things a little differently. Although it serves what are definitely breakfast burritos by any continental definition, it refers to its tortilla-wrapped wonders as "bombers." They're certainly big enough to land like a bomb if you eat one too quickly, and they'll definitely blow your mind.

Hawaii's best goes into these burritos, and the Chuns Bomber may blast all other breakfast burritos out of your heart. It begins with a foundation of eggs, two kinds of shredded cheese (jack and cheddar), and hash browns. The Chuns Bomber uses that platform to showcase 12-hour slow-roasted Kalua pork. It has some bacon too, to keep the pork company — because nothing goes better with pig than more pig. It's a breakfast and a half, and it's portable. 

You'll know you've found the right place when you see a pig on a surfboard. Don't worry if you don't make it out until the afternoon, because Kono's serves breakfast all day. Hit the beach before the burrito or after the burrito. The choice is yours.

Cronies - Multiple locations

Settled in Simi Valley, California, Cronies probably wouldn't be the first place you'd stop for a great breakfast burrito. Passing this one by would be a mistake, though. Sometimes, simple is simply excellent, and this place serves more than wings and fries.

Cronies brings a bar and grill sensibility to the classic breakfast burrito. It has some of the things you'd expect, like eggs, potatoes, and cheese. You may even anticipate the ham, but you probably won't expect the turkey. The lean meat adds a kind of club sandwich twist that doesn't overshadow the fact that you are eating a breakfast burrito, but it definitely helps this particular variation stand out. It's best with Cronies' signature Thirsty Sauce, and even the menu demands you eat it with avocado. It's California, so you know the avocado has to be spectacular, anyway.

It's definitely a unique place to enjoy a breakfast burrito, but you won't have to look far for drinks if you're planning a boozy brunch.

Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar - Boston

It's Boston, and this prime example of a balanced breakfast burrito shares the menu with fresh oysters. If that's a sentence you didn't expect to read, don't worry about it. Oysters may not be the first thing you'd pair with breakfast burritos, but in Boston, shellfish always has the right of way.

The Burrito de Chorizo hits hard on Loco's brunch menu. It suffers no fools and keeps things straightforward. Loco's homemade sausage leads the charge, flanked by scrambled eggs and refried beans. The chihuahua cheese pulls its weight and offers a refreshing change of pace from cheddar. Any lingering doubts as to the burrito's right to its place on the menu must face down the hot sauce and avocado. If this sounds like the kind of breakfast burrito you'd like to meet, be warned it only appears on Loco's brunch menu, which is great news for fans of mimosas and bad news for night owls looking for tomorrow's breakfast tonight.

Pablito's Tacos - Burbank, California

It comes from Burbank, and it brings the meat. It comes, more specifically, from Pablito's Tacos, and it delivers a total of three types of meat per serving. While Pablito's technically offers four different breakfast burritos, the hype revolves around the monstrous Mexican Scrambler.

If you've ever looked at a menu and sighed because you had to choose between bacon, sausage, and chorizo, this breakfast burrito has your name on it. The Mexican Scrambler has all three of the most popular breakfast meats packed together for a ferocious kickstart to your day. It also has eggs, of course, along with beans, cheese, guacamole, onion, cilantro, green crack sauce, and a side of Pablito's breakfast sauce. You know it's serious when a whole sauce has to come separately. It just won't fit, and you have to look deep in your heart and decide if you're a dipper or a pourer. There are a lot of flavors here, and Pablito's doesn't compromise on quality or volume.

Tia Sophia's - Santa Fe

Tia Sophia's has fantastic breakfast burritos, but it doesn't have just any fantastic breakfast burritos. This Santa Fe eatery claims to have invented the dish, and they defend that claim by remaining their place as a must-visit attraction for foodies.

This isn't a burrito you can eat on the go. Tia Sophia's caters to eaters who want to sit down with their food and enjoy conversation in an old-fashioned wooden booth. It's comfortable and old-school with flavors that have stood the test of time.

The breakfast burrito here looks different, too. Not all of the ingredients go on the inside. Customers choose between bacon, sausage, bologna, and ham to go inside the tortilla with some potatoes. The cheese and chili go over the top, and — unlike every other burrito on this list — if you want an egg, it costs extra. Speaking of extra, if you want to turn up the heat, ask for your burrito Christmas style, and it will arrive sparking with red and green chili sauces. Be careful, though. Even the menu warns customers that Tia Sophia's isn't responsible for spicy chilis.

Burrito Factory - Anchorage

Would you believe some of the best breakfast burritos are hidden in Alaska? They do. These culinary delights take shelter in the Burrito Factory in Anchorage, where the world is cold but the burritos are hot.

While they have something for just about everyone, if you're feeling adventurous, one particular option stands head and antlers above the rest. That option is the reindeer breakfast burrito. It has, as you've probably guessed, sausage made from real reindeer meat, just like some Finnish pizza uses reindeer sausage. The reindeer breakfast burrito also includes eggs, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and beans or potatoes. With a consistency much closer to a summer sausage than crumbly chorizo, the reindeer sausages promise not only unique flavor but also a new texture for the seasoned burrito-lover. The Burrito Factory serves breakfast items all day long, so whatever time you muster up the courage to sample the local wildlife, the cooks will be waiting.

La Azteca Tortilleria - Los Angeles

La Azteca is a small eatery in Los Angeles, and while it has plenty of competition, this little powerhouse has something special. As a tortilleria, La Azteca makes its own tortillas from scratch, which is a beautiful start to any relationship. Light and chewy, they cradle fluffy eggs and lean steak for a heavenly breakfast burrito that reinvents the idea of fresh.

The savory ingredients play nicely with the house hot sauce, and the impact of the fresh tortillas can't be overstated. They're contenders at national competitions for a reason. La Azteca opens early and has an extremely loyal following. That doesn't mean they have no room for new friends, but take-out is the name of the game for most guests. Cheesy eggs await your attention, and even if you hit during the busiest times, the 20-minute wait is worth it for one of these storied breakfast burritos.  The local passion for this place has helped it fly to new heights, and when you've recovered from your breakfast burrito, turn around and come back for lunch.