M. Leigh Hood

Photo of M. Leigh Hood
Cincinnati, Ohio
Bluffton University
Food History, American Cuisine, Coffee And Tea, Cocktails
  • M. Leigh Hood reviews restaurants, food, and more in the Cincinnati area for a local lifestyle publication, Cincinnati Magazine.
  • She wrote extensively as a ghostwriter for various food brands and companies during her early career.
  • She collaborated with Cincinnati Magazine to review new coffeeshops and their owners for a coffee-themed issue.


M. Leigh Hood earned a B.A. in writing in 2012, and she has been working as a professional writer and editor for the better part of a decade. Ghostwriting jobs introduced her to the food, drink, and dining niches. In 2021 she stepped into the light and began crafting regular restaurant and food reviews for Cincinnati Magazine. She contributed heavily to the magazine's special coffee edition in November, and continues looking for ways to marry her passions for food and storytelling.


M. Leigh Hood earned a B.A. in writing with a minor in English from Bluffton University in 2012. She graduated with departmental honors as the year's Distinguished Scholar in Writing and took home the Naomi Brenneman Prize.
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