This Is The Biggest Burger In Europe

Some people believe that everything is bigger in the United States. From the giant big-box stores like Walmart to super-sized combo meals, it would seem that the stereotype is more fact than speculation, according to the Evening Standard

When it comes to food, in fact, the biggest burger in the world can be found in the U.S. At Mallie's Sports Bar & Grill in Detroit, customers can indulge in a patriotic 1,774 pounds of beef, plus 300 pounds of toppings (via Reader's Digest). While Americans aren't afraid to go big or go home, it seems our counterparts across the ocean in Europe may share the sentiment. 

If you were to go either the town of Epsom or Horley in Surrey, England, you'll come across a humble hamburger spot known as Blacks Burgers. While you may assume that this is simply a charming restaurant that serves a slice of American cuisine in England, Blacks is home to something that goes far beyond what you may have been expecting in burger fare: something known only as The Beast.

The Beast is the biggest burger in Europe

The Beast isn't just a fun moniker made up by the marketing team. It is Europe's largest burger that teeters on both the absurd and awe-inspiring. 

Composed of 3 kilos (6 pounds) of meat housed in three loaves of bread and topped with 40 slices of cheese, 20 slices of bacon, two whole heads of lettuce, five beef tomatoes, 1 liter of burger sauce, and 500 grams (1 pound) of caramelized onions, (according to Blacks Burgers' Facebook page), The Beast isn't something to trifle with. So imposing is this burger that it even has its own challenge to it: Finish every scrap of it within one hour and you can eat for free. Otherwise, you're paying £65 (or $86) for your dinner.

Can this monstrous mammoth of meat be bested at all? Insider sought to find out, bringing ex-boxer Marc Barrett in to see if he can beat The Beast. Barrett sat down to his opponent, which came with a "brick" of fries and a milkshake. For over an hour, the ex-athlete soldiered through handfuls of fries and mouthfuls of burger while amused patrons filmed him with their phones. 

Unfortunately, Barrett was unable to complete the challenge, claiming that The Beast has "ripped him a new one" before falling back in exhaustion. A very bold effort, but it was not enough to conquer the biggest burger in Europe.