Andrew Zimmern Has Strong Feelings About The McDonald's Vs. Culver's Debate

Is there really a debate about McDonald's ice cream vs. Culver's frozen custard? Not so's you'd notice unless you're a member of the Watt household. J.J. Watt, late of the Houston Texans and currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals, is a pretty sure-fire NFL Hall-of-Famer no matter whose jersey he retires in. But he's still a Wisconsin boy at heart, and his food preferences show it. He recently revealed to his millions of Twitter followers the details of a domestic dispute in which his wife delivered a low blow – she dared to insinuate that Culver's frozen custard is no better than McDonald's ice cream.

Not too many people jumped in to defend Kea Watt, although one commenter wanted to know, "Where has she actually gotten McDonalds ice cream? The machine is always broken." J.J. Watt, however, got some support from someone who's a star in his own firmament, celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern. Zimmern retweeted Watt, adding an incensed commentary on Mrs. Watt's allegation: "It crossed the line and it's not true." As Zimmern explains, "MCD serves a frozen ice milk product loaded with artificial ingredients and stabilizers etc. Culver's serves a great frozen custard ... full stop."

Zimmern's fans did not disagree with him

Zimmern's Twitter followers, like Watts' fans, seem uninclined to debate the relative merits of Culver's vs. Mickey D's. As one person says of Culver's, "It's better than In-N-Out! (and I love In-N-Out)," while another notes that "Culver's is more fresh and has more wholesome ingredients than mcdonalds." Some Twitter users, however, are amused by Zimmern's fervent defense of Culver's. One sympathizer feels, "The passion here is validated and important," but someone else tells Zimmern "You might be a bit too heavily invested in this brotha!" Hmm, ya think? 

It appears, however, that there's a dark incident in Zimmern's past that may cast some doubt upon his qualifications to render a verdict should there ever be a frozen dessert war. As one person tells the "Bizarre Foods" star, "you did call Culver's 'ice cream' on Hot Ones." For shame! As a man who launched his food career in the Midwest, Zimmern really should have known better.

No matter your own personal preference for ice cream vs frozen custard, McDonald's undoubtedly wins in the area of market penetration since Culver's is still a more or less regional chain. Still, one thing you can always say about Culver's is, you'll never need to download an app to find out whether it's got custard on the menu.