Martha Stewart Shows Off Gorgeous Multi-Orange Dessert

When it comes to all matters domestic, Martha Stewart always does things just a bit better than we mere mortals can, which is why she's the OG domestic diva and always will be. Take a recent desert pic she posted on Instagram - just the minimal amount of info she provides in the caption encapsulates all that is Martha. She describes how, on a recent trip to California, she was gifted with a package containing "citrus of many kinds." Hmm, how many kinds of citrus are there? Most of us probably run to nothing more than lemons, limes, and oranges in our fruit bins, with maybe a grapefruit or some clementines if we're really into boosting our vitamin C intake. Not so Stewart, as her package contained, among other things, "seven types of oranges."

So what did Martha Stewart do with seven different orange varieties? She created a dessert she describes as "so fresh so utterly delicious" by supreming, then plating them – attractively, of course – and adding a few caramelized blood orange slices for decoration. (Whether the blood oranges were among the seven varieties or constituted an eighth, she doesn't say.) She then most likely served this delightful dish to some very impressed guests. Needless to say, her Instagram followers are appropriately awed by Stewart's awesome orange-wrangling skills.

How you can duplicate this amazing orange dessert

Martha Stewart does include a recipe along with her Instagram dessert pics, nor does she even include the standard "recipe in bio link." In fact, if you do click the link in her Instagram bio as of the time of writing, you'll be directed to a selection of suggested Valentine's Day gifts sold on her website. (It's reassuring to know that even she doesn't update her bio links as often as she might.) If you're wondering why she didn't give a recipe, it may be because she felt that she'd provided all necessary info by saying she'd supremed the oranges, then garnished them with caramelized blood oranges. After all, doesn't everyone know how to do these things?

If you lack Stewart's presumably encyclopedic culinary knowledge, fear not, we looked up the necessary info. Supreming an orange basically means using a knife to remove the peel and pith, then using that same knife to separate the segments. It's not exactly a low-waste method of food prep since you may lose some of the orange flesh along with the pith, but it does make those orange slices extra-photogenic. As for caramelizing blood oranges, this process is not like that of caramelizing onions. Instead, Epicurious suggests you can make this dish by sautéing peeled, sliced oranges in butter, brown sugar, and orange juice. The Washington Post provides a slightly simpler recipe in which you cook the orange slices in a sugar-slash-water syrup instead.