Redditors Accused A Chestnut-Loving Costco Shopper Of Being A Squirrel

Many people love Costco for selling all sorts of foods and drinks in bulk quantities at steal deal prices, so it shouldn't be too shocking a revelation when you find people going to the wholesale store for precisely that. Pandemic-induced toilet paper hoarding aside, shoppers on Reddit have confessed to filling entire bags with packs of Costco's Kirkland Signature Chocolate Chips and stocking up on Quaker's Brown Sugar Oatmeal Squares.

In another amusing case, one Redditor confessed to having bulk bought Costco's Organic Roasted Chestnuts with a picture of the chestnut stash lined up on a counter. The sheer quantity of chestnut boxes has other Reddit users hilariously calling the shopper a squirrel. However, it does not appear that the snack was sold at a lower-than-usual price to warrant the bulk buy. The shopper admits that they bought the boxes for $6.99 each which is the same price as previous years, "Not discounted. Just stocking up since I eat a lot ..." It seems like nothing but a case of sheer love for chestnuts but nevertheless, Reddit has questions.

Reddit has so many questions for the chestnut lover

In the chestnut-loving Redditor's defense, they explain that "raw chestnut is a seasonal food," and that they were just stocking up on the item for the rest of the year. Others couldn't help but find this amusing. "Would you say you're squirreling them away," wondered one user. Others accuse the shopper of being the person buying obscene amounts of fruit in those confusing math problems. Comments included, "Ok so YOU'RE the person all those math problems were about..." and, "just need a person that buys a lot of watermelons now." Another Redditor joked, "You're the reason why we need limits at Costco."

Some Redditors were more curious. Wondering what could have led the shopper to stock up on that many boxes, one user asks what the chestnuts taste like. The original poster responded, "They're kind of a humble little snack. If you like the texture of mealy baked potatoes and the flavor of sweet potatoes." Another commenter wondered if buying a pallet instead would have gotten them a better deal. "No volume discounts until you buy a truck load," the shopper answered.

Jokes aside, the chestnut "squirrel" seems to have heartwarmingly inspired a fellow chestnut-loving Costco shopper. "I bought two boxes on my last Costco run, and I felt self conscious! I'll think of you next time as I bravely buy 3 boxes," they wrote.