How AMC Popcorn Sizes May Be Deceiving You

Although we have Netflix, Hulu, and a dozen other streaming services, there's really no movie-watching experience the same as going to the movie theater. From the magical silence that befalls the theater as the lights go down to the trailers, sound system, and gasps from other movie-goers, the theater offers features to be appreciated. 

It's almost certain you'll have a bag of fresh, buttered movie theater popcorn on your lap and a drink in the cupholder beside you. While these snacks were originally not allowed in theaters for fear it would ruin the high-class, ritzy ambiance they were trying to give off, the buttery, salty snack has now become synonymous with the silver screen. 

But what if halfway through the movie, or even still at the beginning of it, you find that you've already run out of popcorn? That's strange, you might think, considering you paid extra to get the bigger bag. While you may have forked over the extra cash, there's a chance you may not have gotten all that you paid for. According to one TikToker, when it comes to popcorn, movie theater magnate AMC may be pilfering your pocket.

Medium and large popcorn sizes might hold the same amount

TikToker and supposed AMC employee "moosegetsloose" claims that you may be getting overcharged for your popcorn. The TikTok video shows the poster as he empties a bag of medium-sized popcorn into a bucket meant for a large serving, showing that the amount of popcorn in the bag is roughly the same amount one would receive in a large bucket. 

Some TikTok users think they are still getting a better deal than just ordering a medium. "The difference is free refills," said one user, while another said, "I'm getting the large for refills cause me and my homies sharing lmaooo." 

Some who viewed the video even doubt the TikToker's claims that the medium and large sizes are the same, accusing him of adding popcorn to the bucket to make it fill up faster. "You need to show the tub before pouring in the popcorn... duh," criticized one user. "How we know there ain't already popcorn in the large bucket? Cap," another skeptic wrote.

While this claim of swindled popcorn is still up for debate, it's no secret that concession stand prices are expensive. This may be traced back to inflation, price markups, or just general attempts to earn more profits. If you're worried about the price of popcorn, maybe it's best to sneak in some dollar store candy the old-fashioned way.