Coconut Is A Common Pizza Topping In This Country

Everyone has their preferred pizza toppings. Of course, some people prefer to stick with what they know: a traditional pizza with no added toppings. However, others like to branch out, from something as simple as pepperoni to a fancier prosciutto and arugula pie.

According to a YouGov poll, pepperoni is the most well-liked pizza topping in the United States, with a whopping 64% of people agreeing that they love this meat option. Other popular toppings include sausage, mushrooms, extra cheese, and onions, which are all liked by at least 48% of Americans.

There are also a few toppings that most Americans won't touch. Anchovies are, by far, the least-liked topping in the U.S. — more than 60% of people dislike them. Other toppings, such as eggplant, artichokes, and broccoli, are also disliked. Pineapple made the list, too, though it's often been debated as a more polarizing topping.

If you think pineapple is a pizza topping that doesn't belong, you might be even more surprised to learn that one country has a preference for coconut.

Costa Rica loves coconut pizza

In Costa Rica, they don't prefer pineapple — instead, they go for coconut. According to The Daily Meal, coconut is a popular pizza topping among Costa Ricans; they also love shrimp. Though it's unclear why a coconut topping is so popular, it could be similar to the reason why some people love pineapple. Pizza is quite salty, and topping it with sweetened coconut flakes sounds like it would create a sweet and salty combination that's hard to beat.

As for shrimp on pizza, this option makes a bit more sense. Other seafood options, such as crab and clam, are common choices in the U.S., so it is easier for us to understand the appeal.

Costa Rica isn't the only country with unique pizza toppings. Green peas are popular in Brazil, while kangaroo is a common topping in Australia. In Germany, don't be surprised if you see a canned tuna pizza on the menu, per The Daily Meal.