Zoe Kravitz Prepared For The Batman By Drinking Milk In An Unusual Way

Zoë Kravitz doesn't skimp when it comes to preparing for roles. To get (and stay) in the mindset for her role as Catwoman in the just-released "The Batman," she went fully feline and drank milk straight from the bowl.

The revelation about her prep methods came to light during a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, according to People. The television host said to Kravitz, "If I was cast as Catwoman ... I would study cats, I would drink milk out of a bowl." She immediately copped to doing just that, saying, "I'm method, dude!" This, of course, refers to "method acting," in which thespians use personal experiences to draw on for their performances. She drank like a cat, therefore she is more able to channel a cat!

Fallon didn't seem to fully believe that Kravitz actually went that far to achieve Catwoman-like skills, but the actress has since posted a pic to her Instagram account showing her, clad in a mask, hovering over a bowl of milk with droplets coming off of her fingers. Even former Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer commented on it with a series of emojis, so it must be legit.

Fan reaction to Zoë Kravitz drinking milk like a cat

Much like the film itself, the Insta pic of Zoë Kravitz drinking milk like a cat has dropped to favorable reviews. Posted with only a caption of, "(@thebatman is out)," this image seems to be an example of how a picture is often worth a thousand words.

In addition to Pfeiffer's comment, another famous Catwoman chimed in. "Yasssssss!!! can't wait.... meow!" wrote actress Halle Berry. Actor Michael B. Jordan wrote that Kravitz is, "Killin it!!," and Juliette Lewis called her, "Pretty." Actress Arielle Kebbel called it, "The sexiest thing I've ever seen." Also, beloved actress Jennifer Aniston liked the post, so it is now the stuff of lore.

No word yet on whether Kravitz will continue to indulge in dairy in this oh-so-attractive way, but the image almost certainly propelled some people to take in her performance as Catwoman. For anyone who didn't already know that Kravitz is a Hollywood force, well, it's safe to say that the cat's out of the bag.