Watching Skittles Melt Is Oddly Satisfying

Rainbows are probably one of nature's most alluring gifts. Not only do they bring joy on a rainy day by illuminating the sky with ribbons of vibrant colors, but they always spark the hope that a pot of gold may magically appear (certainly a more realistic ambition than taking a bite of moon cheese, that's for sure).

To save us from having to trudge through torrents of rain to bask in the beauty of rainbows, we are blessed with the sweet rays of Skittles. The spherical, multi-colored candies boast the very appropriate tagline "taste the rainbow", and feature the colors green, red, orange, yellow, and purple, details Today.

Bringing the colorful reality even closer to home, a video uploaded to Reddit shows heated Skittles releasing their incredible colors into strips resembling that of rainbows. Even though melting Skittles could be perceived as an unnecessary act of aggression, Reddit can't get enough of the impressive display of colors.

The colors of melted Skittles have amazed Reddit viewers

The Reddit video shows a selection of Skittles arranged in a circle on a white plate that are covered in hot water poured from a kettle. The Skittles then gradually release their colors in lines until they all meet in the center of the plate, forming a greatly satisfying rainbow wheel.

Reddit comments have praised the beauty of the melted Skittles, as well as the symmetrical pattern they produced. One viewer shares their desire to taste the colorful water, while another suggests bathing in it. According to Science Sparks, the phenomenon occurs because hot water dissolves the Skittles' colored coating which then diffuses towards the center of the plate.

A major concern of many Reddit commentators has been a scarcity of purple Skittles contained in the experiment, resulting in an unequal distribution of colors. Attention has also turned to the origin of Skittles, with users debating whether they are harvested from trees or unicorn poop. Arguments about the worst Skittles color have raged as well — purple and orange have taken a lot of flak, but one viewer describes green as "poison."