Dairy Queen's Secret-Menu 'Jack & Jill Sundae' Is Straight From The '60s

People love the idea of so-called secret menu items, and most fast food chains have their fair share of covert creations not listed on the permanent menu that you can order at certain locations (assuming that they have the ingredients on hand). Of course, in order to ask for any off-menu items, you must first be aware of their existence.

Dairy Queen has no shortage of secret items available upon request, particularly when it comes to different ice cream and Blizzard combinations. Some of these flavors were at one time featured on the main menu, while others were sold either for a limited run, or during a seasonal promotion. The website Fast Food Menu Prices notes that Dairy Queen customers can sometimes even devise their own customized creations if employees are game to play along.

One such dessert now dispensed only on the down low, the Jack & Jill Sundae, was a regular menu item back in the 1960s, according to Taste of Home, which learned about the classified frozen treat from a long-time Dairy Queen employee who posted a video on TikTok showing the Jack & Jill sundae being made.

The Jack and Jill: A not-so-secret sundae

In the video, the crew member explains that, despite being a 10-year veteran of Dairy Queen, they too were previously unfamiliar with the former menu item and had to research what it contained when a customer ordered it. They shared their discovery that the Jack & Jill sundae is a simple concoction consisting of vanilla soft serve ice cream with hot fudge poured on one side and marshmallow on the other. Additionally, in a Facebook conversation from 2013, a Dairy Queen in Tampa, Florida, responded to a customer query confirming that a Jack & Jill is indeed a sundae made with hot fudge and marshmallow.

This nostalgic menu item may not be so secret anymore now that it's floating in the TikTok-verse, but clearly it flew under the radar at this particular Dairy Queen for quite some time. If you're interested in unlocking even more Dairy Queen secret sweets, ask about the Peanut Butter and Jelly Shake (a peanut butter shake mixed with strawberry topping). Coffee lovers can inquire about the Mocha Latte Blizzard (coffee syrup, dark chocolate syrup, and chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream) and other secret menu offerings, according to Fast Food Menu Prices.

Ordering off a fast food restaurant's secret menu can make you feel like part of an exclusive club, but remember to proceed with caution and avoid getting caught up in the mystique. Some of these ideas haven't caught on for good reason.