Ryan Reynolds' Hilarious Kraft Commercial Ties Into A New Netflix Movie

Deadpan comic actor Ryan Reynolds has fully rubbed off on the next generation, at least if you take Kraft's new macaroni and cheese commercial into consideration. Titled, "Krafty Kid," the spot features Walker Scobell, a 13-year-old actor who plays a younger version of Reynolds' character in the upcoming Netflix film, "The Adam Project."

The commercial shows the young thespian trying to hawk Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, with zero regard for the supposed G-rated script. Instead, while holding up a box of the iconic product, he delivers one liners reminiscent of Reynolds, who's known for off-color humor and dirty mouth, like, "It's like a bathrobe and slippers had a baby on my tongue," and, "You'll take it to the freshman dance, and you'll get to first base." Much to the chagrin of the spot's director, Scobell continues along these lines until Reynolds butts in to give the young actor a profanity-riddled dress-down. "This might be my fault, he plays a twelve-year-old me in the movie we're doing," Reynolds explains to the frustrated team off-camera.

This could be an advertising coup for Kraft, since, in the first few hours after Reynolds posted the spot to his Instagram, it has seen more than 800,000 views and tons of comments. But then again, that's pretty much par for the course for anything posted by the beloved "Deadpool" actor.

Everything we know about "The Adam Project"

"The Adam Project" is young actor Walker Scobell's debut film, says People, and there's little doubt that the pair of actors had a few laughs on the set. In the movie, Ryan Reynolds plays a "futuristic time-traveling pilot," who must work with the younger version of himself to "save the future." In addition to Scobell, Reynolds also shares screen time with Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo in that duo's first film together since "13 Going On 30."

Viewer comments about the commercial are also channeling Reynolds' trademark humor. "It's obvious now. 'The Adam Project' is just Ryan Reynolds prepping Walker Scobell to take the mantle after he's gone," wrote Victory Wrights on the YouTube commercial page. Said another user, Jesse Pilgrim, "I want to buy everything Ryan Reynolds does an ad for." Pretty sure that's what Kraft is banking on too, Jesse. There's no word yet on whether or not the film features any Kraft Food products, but the brand can only hope. In the meantime, the commercial is certainly generating buzz for the film's Netflix debut on March 11.