Andrew Zimmern's Rotisserie Chicken Video Has Instagram Drooling

If you eat meat, then there's a good chance that at some point you've picked up a grocery store rotisserie chicken when you needed to have an easy dinner on hand. In general, chicken is a popular food, with the average American eating nearly 98 pounds of it in 2020. Plus, it's usually pretty affordable; Costco only charges $5 for its rotisserie chicken, which has a cult-favorite status. Still, there's a difference in quality between store-bought rotisserie chicken, which is convenient and tasty but can sometimes be a little dry after sitting under the warming lamp all day, and freshly made rotisserie chicken.

Andrew Zimmern, the star of "Bizarre Foods," recently shared an Instagram video of some steadily roasting rotisserie chickens. The action clip shows several bronzed birds rotating on a spit, covered in what looks like a plentiful coating of spices. Viewed more than 24,000 times, it certainly seems to have made fans hungry.

Fans shared their favorite ways to eat rotisserie chicken

Rotisserie chicken can be turned into dozens of different meals or enjoyed on its own. Fans on Zimmern's Instagram post seemed eager to share their favorite ways to enjoy the flavorful dish. "Buy one of these for an easy dinner. Put a nice salad on the side with some great Italian bread," suggested one commenter. "I have a fabulous roasted potato salad to go with that," said another.

Some fans were curious to know how the chickens in Zimmern's video were seasoned. In the clip, you can see that there's quite a bit of spice rub or marinade on the birds, but Zimmern didn't share his seasoning secret. Another commenter shared that they thought the chicken was cooking on a Rotisol rotisserie oven. If you're interested in duplicating Zimmern's results, it seems like getting a Rotisol might be the first step, but you'll have to make your best guess as to how the chicken was seasoned. Our copycat Costco rotisserie chicken recipe could help guide you.