Alex Guarnaschelli Has A Controversial Batman Opinion

The Batman film franchise has seen plenty of actors in its leading role. Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and now Robert Pattinson compose the star-studded lineup, per Esquire. Oh, and Jason O'Mara and Will Arnett, if we count the animated movies. Naturally, all Batman fans have their favorite actor and era. West, Keaton, and Bale are consistently in the top three, regardless of whom you ask. The exact ranking of these three, however, is next to impossible to confirm. A Boston Globe survey chose Michael Keaton as the best Batman, as did Business Insider, while Variety and Shortlist chose Christian Bale as favorites.

Needless to say, fans sometimes get heated when Batman comes up. One Reddit thread racked up nearly 100 comments when one user asked who the best Batman was. Even our favorite Food Network stars get involved when the film franchise is mentioned. Recently, Guy Fieri posted a hilarious "The Batman" meme. And today,  Alex Guarnaschelli joined the online discourse about the character.

Alex Guarnaschelli's favorite Batman is Christian Bale

We know Alex Guarnaschelli best for being a tough-as-nails Iron Chef and fierce competitor. However, she's apparently a big Batman fan as well. In response to a tweet about Michael Keaton's Batman, Guarnaschelli fired back with, "Love him beyond. I really do. But Bale was the best." Almost immediately, fans leapt to Keaton's defense. Heather Costes-Dawdy said, "Michael Keaton is and always will be the best Batman." Danielle Fink commented, "Sorry, no one can outdo the original Batman." Ramses Luther Smuckles simply said, "Heresy."

Fortunately for Guarnaschelli, she wasn't alone in her love for Christian Bale. Michelle Eats Midland commented, "One of my favorite actors ever. Love him." Sally Vendramin said, "Yeah, Christian Bale is the best Batman." A few other fans brought up Kevin Conroy, who voiced Batman in the franchise's animated films (via Cinema Blend). Even if fans can't all agree on the best Batman, at least they can agree that the films are pretty great.