The Freebie Noodles & Company Is Celebrating International Women's Day With

Since 1987, the United States has been celebrating Women's History Month as a means to pay homage to prominent female figures throughout history. But International Women's Day dates back even further, beginning in 1911, and the holiday is recognized yearly on March 8 as a way for people worldwide "to acknowledge the contribution of women to the strengthening of international peace and security," (via History).

The world of food has been notoriously supportive of honorable holidays like this, with programs and celebrity outpourings over social media. For example, in 2020 the Lady Godiva Program was launched by Godiva chocolate to support prominent women and the campaigns they championed in honor of Lady Godiva, who was a female trailblazer herself. In the celeb world, notable names like chef Aarón Sánchez have used platforms like Instagram to show support during Women's month. And this year, Noodles & Company is celebrating women in its own unique way too. With free food of course.

Noodles rewards members can get a free shareable

In support of International Women's Day and those celebrating, Noodles & Company is offering an exciting initiative. On March 8, the day the world celebrates women everywhere, the popular pasta spot is offering a free "shareable." This deal, only available on International Women's Day, includes the fast causal chain's Potstickers or Korean BBQ Meatballs (via Chew boom). 

To get this shareable, you must be a Noodles & Company rewards member and if you aren't, you can sign up here. The company's hope is that customers participating in the promo will share the freebie with one of the special females in their life. And as an added bonus, outside of the holiday, if you're a first-time Noodle Rewards user, you're eligible for one free appetizer within 30 days of signing up for the rewards. It may not be especially female-focused, but who can say no to a free app that's big enough for two?