Nearly 20% Agree This Is The Best Chicken Dish At TGI Fridays

When is the last time you heard someone unironically say, "TGI Friday"? It's probably been a while, unless you work in an office time warp that's stuck in the '80s. (How's that WordPerfect working out for you?) TGI Fridays, on the other hand, is still around, a restaurant chain that's long outlived its eponymous catchphrase. In fact, we hypothesize that the restaurant may have been what killed off the phrase — but at least this isn't something that can be blamed on millennials.

Fridays' menu itself has made some token attempts to move with the times. Not to the extent where they're now offering brussels sprout brioche and charcuterie, but Fridays currently offers truffle avocado-topped krispy rice, so they're trying. Still, many TGI Fridays customers prefer more standard fare, and you usually can't go wrong with ordering a chicken dish. Which one of Fridays' chicken offerings rules the roost, though? Mashed consulted with our peeps — 605 of them — and asked them to choose between seven different dishes: Cajun shrimp & chicken pasta, chicken and broccoli alfredo tortelloni, chicken fingers, chicken parmesan pasta, sizzling chicken and cheese, traditional wings, and whiskey-glazed chicken. The results were all over the map (or menu), but one entry (or entrée) did manage to edge out the competition.

TGI Fridays' Cajun shrimp & chicken pasta has something for everyone

Out of all the dishes we named, the one that polled highest was a dish where chicken shares top billing: Cajun shrimp & chicken pasta, which fell just shy of earning 20% of the votes. In fact, if you include the pasta, this dish counts as a triple-threat entrée. Judging from the bazillion and six copycat recipes a Google search of "TGI Fridays Cajun shrimp & chicken pasta" brings up, this poor man's surf and turf is an enduring favorite.

While the Cajun shrimp & chicken pasta may have earned the top spot in our poll, just a few votes behind it was the whiskey-glazed chicken, garnering over 19% of the votes. The chicken parmesan pasta also did fairly well, with a 17-plus% approval rating. In the middle of the pecking order were the chicken fingers, with almost 14%, the traditional wings, with over 12%, and the chicken and broccoli alfredo tortelloni, not quite reaching 12%. The only Fridays chicken dish that didn't really live up to eggs-pectations and wouldn't recommend ordering was the sizzling chicken and cheese, favored by only 6% of poll takers.