Eggo Is Giving Away 1 Million Free Waffles. Here's How To Get Yours

Eggo has found new ways to court customers for decades. According to Delish, the frozen waffle company started in 1953 when it was named Froffles. After Kellogg's expanded from selling cereals like Frosted Flakes and purchased the brand in 1968, Eggo took off and eventually started selling a variety of flavors and shapes. Statista reports that the original Eggo easily outperforms all of its competitors and raked in over $132 million in 2021 alone.

The waffle company now wants to appeal to more tired parents everywhere. According to People, Eggo wants to help 100,000 families that have to deal with waking up early during Daylight Savings Time — clocks will "spring forward" an hour on March 13 — by giving recipients boxes of 10 of its signature waffles for free. The promotion is part of the brand's ongoing "L'Eggo with Eggo campaign" from 2021 that aims to destress parents in the morning and help families celebrate the little things. A box of 10 waffles may not seem like much, but during hectic mornings, this little gift could make a big difference.

How to get free Eggos

People reports that anyone who wants to get their hands on a box of free Eggos needs to start following the brand on social media. On March 14, the company plans to announce on its channels how to score the waffles via a digital registration form. Interested parents who want to take a load off simply need to fill out and submit one of these forms, then Kellogg's decides who wins based on who enters first. Thus, if you want some free Eggos, you'll want to get the form in ASAP. The company plans to hand out free waffles to United States residents until April 14, or until the product runs out. 

Kellogg's ran a similar promotion during March 2021 (via Kellogg's). In addition to offering parents some free breakfast food, Eggo also rolled out "The L'Eggometer," a digital tool that supposedly measured stress levels and suggested ways to relieve some of the pressure. The word's out if the brand plans to bring back this meter, but either way, 100,000 individuals will bring home a box of free Eggos.