Giada De Laurentiis Says This Sandwich Is Perfect For Picnics

Giada De Laurentiis may not have quite the Instagram following of a Kardashian, according to Statista, which puts Khloe (who has around 224 million followers) at the bottom of the bunch, but De Laurentiis' four million followers is certainly nothing to chuck tomatoes at — not even the canned variety of tomatoes she swears by. Moreover, she's closing in on nearly half a million followers on her Giadzy Instagram account.

If you're not yet familiar, Giadzy is De Laurentiis' lifestyle platform dedicated to bringing her love of Italian food to the world. Her related Giadzy Instagram feed is a collection, primarily, of brief-but-effective recipe tutorials and serving inspiration. One such post runs through an entire "how-to" on the making of what De Laurentiis terms a "loaded Italian muffuletta," which the caption notes is the perfect sandwich for a picnic. Sandwiches on the go are apparently part of what Giada De Laurentiis really eats, and we're totally here for it.

Giada De Laurentiis' muffuletta relies on one key ingredient

"Weather permitting, we're in the mood for a picnic this weekend," Giada De Laurentiis posted to her Giadzy Instagram account, adding, "and there's nothing more perfect for a picnic than a loaded Italian muffuletta!" Although you can access the recipe on the Giadzy website, there's something irresistible about watching a recipe come together in accelerated real-time.

To wit, Giadzy's muffuletta post manages, in under 23 seconds, to take viewers through the slicing and hollowing out of a large ciabatta roll and the subsequent joyful, musically accompanied, filling of said roll with layers of sliced ham, mortadella, salami, and provolone cheese, adding thinly sliced red onion and young arugula leaves, plus a mixture of olives, bell peppers, garlic, oregano, vinegar and olive oil. In the same clip, we also see the finished result wrapped securely (as one does for a picnic) and then sliced up into six neat, easy-to-eat portions.

Before attempting De Laurentiis' take on this classic sandwich popularized by Italian immigrants in New Orleans, know that the combination of meats is entirely up to you. "Feel free to substitute or omit any of them," she writes, stressing that the most important ingredient is the olive and red pepper spread.