19% Agree This Is The Worst Chicken Dish At TGI Fridays

TGIF! Whether you're a student or worker, there's no greater feeling of exhilaration than getting to drop your responsibilities and head home on a Friday afternoon. Time to brush off those weekday blues and jump headlong into the weekend! And what better way to start than going out to eat at a restaurant that bears the name of such a revered weekday?

Founded in 1965 as a neighborhood singles bar in New York — and later gaining a second location in Memphis that became known for drug use and wild parties (via Collectors Weekly) — TGI Fridays today is more associated with appetizers and sports on TV than the counterculture. Although the restaurant has long since been a family-friendly establishment, the chain still seems to want to keep the spirit of going out on a Friday evening alive. Of course, even though the restaurant is named after something people love, that doesn't mean people will always love what it serves. Despite being well regarded for burgers, fries, wings, and other pub fare, not every dish at TGI Fridays is a slam dunk among customers. According to a survey conducted by Mashed, 19% of people found this chicken dish at the chain to be beneath Friday standards.

19% of voters aren't crazy about the chicken fingers

The Mashed survey revealed that out of 605 people, 19% of respondents view TGI Fridays' chicken tenders in a poor light. The rest of the poultry items in the survey included chicken parmesan pasta at 7%, chicken wings at 11%, whiskey-glazed chicken at 12%, sizzling chicken and cheese at 13%, chicken and broccoli alfredo tortellini at 17%, and Cajun shrimp and chicken pasta at 20%. Why did the chain's chicken fingers fare worse than some of the other items?

The chain's website describes the dish as five "crispy fried chicken fingers served with coleslaw, seasoned fries, and honey mustard dressing." The Huffington Post, when doing a comparison of the restaurant's appetizers, gave the dish a "recommended" rating, with the only other positively reviewed item from Fridays being the nachos. It declared the chicken fingers from Chili's superior. Meanwhile, one TripAdvisor reviewer from Melbourne, Australia, raved that the chicken strips were something to try, especially alongside the Sesame Jack dipping sauce. Another reviewer from Indiana claimed that the chicken is very tender and perfect with honey mustard. It would seem that, at the end, poultry preferences are just a matter of personal opinion. Some people may rave about TGI Fridays' chicken fingers, while others would prefer spending their Friday nights noshing on another menu item.