Why A Line-Cutting In-N-Out Burger Customer Had TikTok Fuming

Generally, people tend to be polite. We hold the door open for elderly people behind us, we give our seats to those who are unable to stand, and we wait patiently in line for our turn at the fast food counter. However, sometimes people don't act in the civilized manner we are accustomed to: A couple argues in the Walmart checkout line, a stampede succumbs to mass hysteria while grabbing a discounted TV during Black Friday, or an angry customer hurls insults at an innocent cashier. While it's up for debate what exactly makes people act like this, one thing you would never expect to drive people into a frenzy is fast food.

No matter if it's a limited-time offer or just a deep love of the restaurant itself, people can become shameless when it comes to fast food. When McDonald's Szechuan Sauce returned in 2017 due to a mention on adult animated show Rick & Morty, people crowded the restaurants, started fights, harassed workers, and even tried to sell sauce packets for extravagant amounts of money (via CNBC). More recently, a customer's desire to get a burger from In-N-Out led to a shocking spectacle in the drive-thru that TikTok was all too happy to comment on.

A verbal fight erupted in an In-N-Out drive-thru

A TikTok user posted a video of a packed In-N-Out drive-thru. It would appear that a man in a dark blue Nissan had attempted to cut ahead of a woman in a black pickup truck, setting off a very loud tirade of insults between the two drivers. As the drama unfolded, commenters were quick to jump to the woman's defense, citing the man as an example of selfish customers. "I used to work for INO." was one person's response. "When people cut we'd take the order ask them to park on the side and serve everyone they cut before taking out their food." This, according to the original poster, was exactly what happened to the man after he had cut in line.

"As a in n out employee, I always made people who cut go in the back of the line or leave if they refused," said another commentator. Other users applauded the woman for standing up to the line-cutter. "The people against her definitely don't know the struggle living in California and waiting in line at In-N-Out," sympathized one user. This isn't the first time tensions have run high at an In-N-Out drive-thru: In November 2020, a group brawl broke out in a drive-thru following a similar cutting incident (via The Daily Mail). Security was called, someone lost their pants — just in the hopes of getting the best menu items at In-N-Out before everyone else.