The Chocolaty Recipe Ree Drummond Doesn't Recommend Using A Food Processor For

Celebrity chefs are just like us — sometimes they like to take shortcuts. And while sometimes those shortcuts work out just fine, sometimes it's just not a good idea. In fact, sometimes the experience can turn into a learning experience or a story that we share time and again. That's exactly what happened for The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond. She shared a very relatable moment she experienced while making her Chocolate Butterscotch Caramel Bars on her blog, and the story comes with a warning. 

Drummond tees this chocolaty recipe up by telling her fans how "sweet" and "rich" the inspiration for her bars was. The television personality shared that her recipe is a riff on a "Monster Bar" that she purchased in Tulsa at the grocery store Petty Fine Foods. Drummond explains it took at least 20 minutes to eat because the decadent treat was that good. Drummond notes that while her version of these bars is really easy to make and even better to chow down on, you probably want to stay clear of using a food processor for one of the more labor-intensive steps involving the oatmeal.

Ree Drummond recommends a pastry cutter

When making the hearty base of these bars, Ree Drummond revealed that you do not want to use a food processor to cut the butter into the dry ingredients. The celebrity cook shared the lesson she learned, labeling it a "don't-be-like-me tale," per her website. Drummond confessed that when she made the bars she was "in a hurry" and feeling "lazy." The chef wrote, "I hurriedly threw the mixture into the food processor to pulse it up rather than put forth the hard work with the pastry cutter. I mean, sometimes I just don't feel like fighting the good fight anymore." 

However, Drummond quickly figured out it was a bad idea, "... the food processor instantly — and I mean, lickety-split — pulverized the oatmeal. Still delicious, of course, but you really want to be able to see those pieces of oatmeal." Noted! But, with the layer of caramel, the peanuts, butterscotch, and chocolate chips that top the sweet treat, we bet the result still tasted pretty awesome. In her Facebook video demonstration, Drummond called the final product "squares of bite-sized happiness," and her followers certainly agree with one offering, "These look amazing and I wouldn't turn them down if they got made for me ... I'm just saying." Drummond suggests serving these with a tall glass of cold milk.