Wingstop Just Revealed A Secret Menu Hack For Its Ranch Dip

This may be hard to believe, but there once was a time when ranch dressing wasn't available to accompany wings, carrot sticks, or fries. In fact, Thrillist reports that the beloved condiment only came into existence in 1949, meaning that, as of this writing, a majority of our lifetimes have been lived without the creamy dip. Tragic, we know.

Fortunately, we're living on the right side of the ranch timeline, and if you ask us, that's something to celebrate. And what better day to do so than on National Ranch Day, which just so happens to be today, March 10! "For today only, calories don't count and the law of the land is ranch," writes National Today, who also suggested observing the dressing's holiday by putting ranch on "everything."

There's no shortage of options when it comes to choosing what to slather with the coveted sauce. However, being that today is National Ranch Day, fans may be looking for an extra-special crock of the stuff to celebrate with, like the version served at Wingstop. The chain's take on the dip is frequently lauded on social media as one of the best available, with one Twitter user claiming they would even drink it straight out of a cup. As such, Wingstop is not only offering customers free ranch today but has also shared a secret menu hack to kick it up a notch (per PR Newswire).

Wingstop is inviting customers to get creative on National Ranch Day

Even casual ranch consumers know that not all versions of the dressing are created equal, and when it comes to fast food ranch, Wingstop's version is one that continues to reign supreme. Described as "heavenly" by one fan on Twitter, the dip appears to be so good that most customers don't even seem to mind having to shell out $0.69 for each regular-sized cup (via Real Menu Prices). Today, on National Ranch Day, however, ranch enthusiasts turning to the eatery for a meal are in for a real treat, as the chain is giving away cups of their ranch free of charge.

According to a press release posted to PR Newswire, Wingstop customers that place an online order for their drums and flats today can use the code "RANCHDAY" at checkout to get one regular-sized cup of ranch for free — but that's not all. In the spirit of National Ranch Day, Wingstop Chef and Director of Culinary Larry Bellah has also shared how he likes to upgrade the chain's beloved dip for an even better eating experience. "One of my favorite secret menu hacks is to mix one of our 11 [wing] flavors with ranch for a one-of-a-kind flavored combo," he said in the press release.

Having a ranch taste test is also one way that National Today suggests celebrating National Ranch Day, and at just $0.79 each, tacking on a few of Wingstop's flavor seasonings, like Mango Habanero or Hickory Smoked BBQ, seems like an easy way to make that a reality. Happy dipping!